50+ Avada Theme Demo for Multi Purpose (1)

After writing an article about the Avada theme that explains what features can be found on the theme, this time I will write about the Avada theme demo. If you check the official site, there are more than 50 themes demo with various types that can be tailored to your business type. In this article, I will explain one by one from each of the demo themes, which include:

  1. Recommended theme color
  2. Main menu
  3. Front end layout

Those are some menus that I will display later on each demo theme, so you can find out in more detail. In addition, I will also provide a demo link for each theme so that you can see the theme’s appearance live. Here are some styles and types of “Avada theme demo” which I will explain one by one, including:

Avada Classic

The appearance of this style is quite simple. Widely used for company profile websites and consists of several menus on the “front end” website, including the masonry menu, parallax, article features, posts, and also a testimonial menu. The simple appearance makes this web very lightweight.

  • Theme color recommendations: White and Green
  • Main menu: About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Address, and Blog
  • Front end layout: Full Width, Slider, Gallery, And Footer Widget

Pet Supplies

This website is specifically used to sell various pet needs, such as food, vitamins, and other needs. For the design and appearance of the front end of the website, it is recommended to use a slider that contains photos or videos related to pets. Some menus that can be displayed include shop, slider, testimonials, newsletters, and articles.

  • Theme color recommendations: Dark Green and White
  • Main menu: Home, Shop, About, Blog, Contact, Video, FAQ
  • Front end layout: Full Width, Slider, Product Galleries, Shop, Articles, and Footer Widget

Online Tutorial

For those of you who have online businesses in the form of webinars or online tutorials, it seems like you must use the Avada WordPress theme “online tutorial” with some interesting features available. With a combination of red and white, the theme is specifically used for online learning, featuring several parts of the front end, including sliders, galleries, articles, ebook shops, rating reviews, and several other menus.

  • Theme color recommendations: Red, White, and Yellow combination
  • Main menu: Home, Course, Schedule, About Me, Contact Me, and Ebook Guides
  • Front end layout: Main Slider, Article List, Feature Block, Product Store, Footer Widget


Website appearance that is used for video graphics services is usually dominated by a collection of videos that have been made. The front end of the website is usually a video gallery. For appearance and layout design usually consists of a video gallery, tips and tricks, articles, testimonials, equipment used, the number of projects worked on, and some information about video services from the website owner.

  • Theme color recommendation: Black with White text color
  • Main menu: About, Contact, Project, News, Tips and Trick
  • Front end layout: Slider, Video Gallery, Article Masonry Style, Field Testimonials, Service List

Cleaning Service

The design of the theme looks simple but modern. The layout used is 2 columns “left sidebar” with several main menus on the sidebar. For information provided on this demo theme, it can contain cleaning services that can be done. There is also a telephone contact found on the “topbar” menu, making it easier for customers to contact directly.

  • Theme color recommendations: Light green and White
  • Main menu: Sidebar, Contact, Service, Team, Address, Social Media Link
  • Front end layout: 2 Column with left-sidebar, Service Gallery


This theme is very suitable for those of you who have a business in the culinary. As in the demo that we show, the design of the website looks simple, only displays information on culinary products with a size “image features” that are quite large. To attract customers, this theme is equipped with several menus at the front end, including gallery, slider, product info, and several product packages offered.

  • Theme color recommendations: Black and White
  • Main menu: Home, About, Contact, News, Online Order
  • Front end layout: Slider, Product Galleries, Latest News, and Footer Widget

Interior Design

The design of this one theme is used for those of you who have services in the “interior design” service area with some product photos placed at the front end, in the form of a gallery. The size of the photo displayed is also large, with the aim to provide a clear picture of the interior design that has been done, or examples of designs.

  • Theme color recommendations: White and Gray
  • Main menu: Home, Shop, Project, Services, Blog, About, Contact, Consultation
  • Front end layout: Portfolio Gallery, Article Masonry, Slider, Footer Widget


The color dominance of the Avada theme specifically for “Fitness” websites consists of black and white. Both colors are designed in the form of gradations in the photos and videos that are displayed. The concept used is still the same as some other themes, namely displaying galleries, both in the form of photos or videos related to the website service.

  • Theme color recommendations: Black and White
  • Main menu: Home, Service, About, Video, Blog, Photo Gallery, Store
  • Front end layout: Video Slider, Gallery Activities, Testimonials, Footer Information


In concept and design, this one demo theme is almost similar to the “takeout” theme. You only need a few variations on the front end, including food menu pricelist, served with clearer photos. The recommended color is black.

  • Theme color recommendations: Black and White
  • Main menu: Home, Our Team, Our Menu, Takeout, Bulletin, and Reservation
  • Front end layout: Main images, Restaurant History, Pricelist Menu, Footer Widget Information


This one design is specifically for those of you who have a business in the passion of landscape design and concept. Avada theme demo “landscaping” that we show here has a simple layout, by displaying a combination of green, in accordance with the theme of the services provided, namely landscaping and gardening.

  • Theme color recommendations: Green and White
  • Main menu: Home, About Us, Team, Service, Gallery, News, Store, Tips and Trick
  • Front end layout: Main Slider, Masonry Portfolio, Project in Progress, Customization Footer


The design that Avada demo wants to display this time is more likely to be on an “online game” website. Of course, because e-sport is a type of internet-based sport, that is gamers. The color combinations on this website are usually dark, black, and red. In addition, there are also several galleries and types of exports that you want to play.

  • Theme color recommendations: Black, Red, and White
  • Main menu: About, Players, Matches, Watch, News, Community, Store
  • Front end layout: Animation Slider, Games Channel, News Archives, Video, Footer Widget

Bakery Shop

Websites with the theme “food” have almost the same style, both in terms of layout, front end, color combination, and other menus, which prioritizes the appearance of product photos. It aims to provide a clear picture to consumers about the products offered.

  • Theme color recommendations: White, Pink, and Black
  • Main menu: Home, Shop, About, Gallery, Location, Pricelist
  • Front end layout: Main Slider, Price Product, Shop List, and Menu, All Products


Sport is a good activity to maintain body fitness. One type of exercise that is currently in great demand is “yoga”. Want to make a website for yoga services, or just for a personal blog? Avada “yoga” theme provides several attractive design choices for you. As in the live demo, this website is dominated by purple with a combination of slider and parallax. Very fitting for a website that contains everything about yoga.

  • Theme color recommendations: White, Pink, Violet, and Black
  • Main menu: Home, Classes, About Us, Contact, and Book Now
  • Front end layout: Main Slider, Booking Button, Yoga Schedule, Infographics, Archives Article, Footer


Nowadays, social media is a popular facility to promote a product. Especially with the number of “influencers” who offer services to promote a product. Seeing this opportunity, Avada also presents themes that suit the needs of influencers, making it even easier for influencers to offer their services.

  • Theme color recommendations: Light Yellow, Pink, or Clear Color
  • Main menu: Home, About, Video, Playlist, Store, Price Service
  • Front end layout: Unique Content Gallery, Videos, Photo Slides, Masonry, Footer Widgets


You who have a website specifically for podcasts, don’t worry, because Avada theme demo also presents a template design for your needs. Minimalist and modern design, as well as futuristic, are very suitable for podcasts. Some color combinations that dominate this theme are gradations of several colors. You can make color adjustments through the dashboard menu on WordPress.

  • Theme color recommendations: Gradations in Purple, Red, Blue, and Black
  • Main menu: Home, About Us, Guest, Blog, Contact Us
  • Front end layout: Animation Slider, Menu Button, Welcome Features, Archive Article, Networking Podcasts


This theme is used for bloggers who have a hobby of cooking. There are several menus and features that can be used on the “food” theme of the Avada theme demo, ranging from recipes, galleries, and categories. As in the design of themes related to food, restaurant, cooking, etc., the color used is a combination of white and green. But you can also choose other colors that feel suitable for the theme that will be used.

  • Theme color recommendations: White, Brown, Green, Pink
  • Main menu: Home, About Us, Recipes, Blog, Contact, News
  • Front end layout: Main Slider, Food and Recipes Archives, Masonry, Recipes Collection

These are some examples and brief descriptions of some “Avada theme demos” that can be used for your website. From some of the themes above, you can choose a theme that suits the type and type of business. Some themes like the list above you can customize, for example in terms of color, layout, menus, headers, and footers, as well as several other settings. For examples and other demo themes, I will continue in the next article.