Avada WordPress Theme Features and Specifications (1)

When you build a website using WordPress, you must pay attention to some factors so that your website has a good performance. One important factor in choosing a theme. There are many themes to choose from, both free and paid. From some existing themes, maybe you are confused about choosing the best theme. Here I recommend one of the powerful and widely used themes of bloggers, the name is Avada theme. Up to this present, this theme has been bought by more than 500,000 users. Avada is highly recommended because it has full features and facilities. What are the Avada WordPress theme features and specifications? The following Avada theme features can be used, including:

  1. Theme Builder
  2. Advanced Option Network
  3. Fusion Theme Options
  4. Fusion Page Options
  5. Global and Individual Options
  6. Dynamic Content System
  7. One-Click Demo Importer
  8. Sell with Woocommerce
  9. Third-Party Avada Integration
  10. Mobile Responsive
  11. Masonry and Grid Layout
  12. Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Control System
  13. SEO Friendly Theme
  14. Design Elements
  15. Layout Elements
  16. Container
  17. Column
  18. Custom Icon
  19. Filter and Style
  20. Blog Layout Customisation
  21. Typography Setting and Customise
  22. Tittle Effect and Animations
  23. World-class Theme Support
  24. Translation Ready
  25. Font Awesome
  26. Header Layout
  27. Page Title Bar
  28. Fusion Slider
  29. Slider Revolution
  30. Woocommerce Integration
  31. WPML
  32. Yoast SEO
  33. Gutenberg Avada
  34. Advanced Custom Field
  35. bbPress
  36. Contact Form 7
  37. Video Tutorial
  38. Performance Management
  39. Accessibility
  40. GDPR

For more details about the features, facilities, and uses of the list above, you must learn one by one, so that you do not choose the wrong theme. For good results, it must be adjusted to the product and type of your website, whether eCommerce, news, personal blog, company profile, online resume, product catalog, or landing pages.

Theme Builder

This feature is useful for customizing front end websites easily. On the dashboard panel, there is a menu that functions to set the website layout, for example, the display “home” which usually consists of sliders, features text, carousel, countdown, contact, and several other menus. Through the “theme builder” feature, you can make a website attractive, professional, and easy to customize just by “drag and drop”. For more details, the following menus and theme builder specifications, namely:

  1. Custome page title bar
  2. Simple and easy footer layout
  3. Single post customization
  4. Custom and design portfolio
  5. Custom 404
  6. Search results customization
  7. How to build the beautiful archive layout
  8. Create as many layouts as you want

If you optimize the above features, you can build a professional, easy, fast, and attractive website. Using the Avada theme can speed up the work on the website, making it useful for those who have no time.

Advanced Option Network

You don’t have coding skills? Do not worry. Through the “advance option network” feature, you can create a professional website through a few simple steps, drag and drop, set some menus, and see the results in real-time. What are the features of this facility?

  1. Fusion theme options
  2. Fusion page options
  3. Custom individual page and post options
  4. Fusion Builder
  5. Build override theme options

From some of these menus, you can choose to customize any area, so that it can make the web look more attractive. Each feature has many options in it to be used.

Fusion Theme Options

This feature gives you the freedom to do the website settings globally, so you don’t need to edit them one by one. This feature is very complete, can be used on all elements of the website. What are the features? Here are the details of the “fusion theme options” feature, including:

  1. Layout
  2. Slider
  3. Contact form
  4. Responsive
  5. Background
  6. Search
  7. Colors
  8. Typography
  9. Privacy
  10. Header
  11. Blog
  12. Extra
  13. Menu
  14. Portfolio
  15. Advanced
  16. Logo
  17. Social media
  18. Performance
  19. Page title bar
  20. Slide show
  21. Custom CSS
  22. Sliding bar
  23. Elastic slider
  24. Fusion builder element
  25. Footer
  26. Lightbox
  27. And export-import menu

What are the advantages of the “Fusion Theme Options” feature on Avada Theme? This feature makes it easy for web designers to manage all elements of the website through the global menu and can see changes in it once. Without coding knowledge, you can create the perfect web design.

Fusion Page Options

This feature is only used for single pages or posts. So, by using “fusion page options” you can set one page without changing the entire page of the website. For example, if you want to customize the “contact” page, then you only need to edit the page, and the other pages don’t change. What are the menus in it?

  1. Setting
  2. Sidebar
  3. Slider
  4. Background
  5. Page
  6. Page title bar
  7. Header
  8. Custom CSS
  9. Footer
  10. Import dan Export

The uniqueness of this feature, you can make one page more attractive than others. Usually “individual page” settings are only used on special pages, such as pricing tables. But it can also be used on several other pages as needed.

Dynamic Content System

This feature is almost the same as the fusion features above. By using some functions on this menu, you can change some positions in the posting page, for example, the post title, categories, images features, tags, and some items in your post. In addition, this feature can be integrated with several other menus, namely:

  1. Alert
  2. Counter
  3. Tabs menu
  4. Checklist
  5. Flip box
  6. Tagline
  7. Content box
  8. Images
  9. Text block
  10. Person
  11. Title
  12. And social link

If you configure the menu correctly, it will be easier for the settings in other menus and faster.

One-Click Demo Importer

One advantage of the Avada theme is the “click demo import” feature. With this feature, you can move content from all demo themes. Some menus on “demo import” can be selected as needed, which ones you want to import, and which ones you don’t. Here are some menus on the import demo, including:

  1. Import content
  2. Remove content
  3. Demo tags
  4. Required plugin
  5. Plugin status
  6. Warning dialog

When the demo content import is complete, then just fill in the content that has been providing, such as articles, pages, images, widgets, and some website pages. Import content serves to speed up the front end layout so that it can speed up your web building.

Sell ​​with Woocommerce

Manage an online store using WordPress is indeed quite easy. There are many plugins that can be used, one of which is Woocommerce. This plugin is very popular because its function is the most complete, easy to use, and is compatible with all WordPress themes, including Avada. There are several styles of online stores that can be designed using the Avada theme based on the type of business, including:

  1. Avada Restaurant
  2. Interior Design
  3. Avada eSport Store
  4. Modern Shop
  5. Classic Shop
  6. Avada Bakery
  7. Avada Influencer
  8. Landing Products
  9. Avada Fitness
  10. Barber Shop

Those are some online store styles that can be customized using the Avada theme. To enhance the appearance of the “front end” of the online store, there are several advantages if you use the theme, namely:

  1. Flexible dan Stylish
  2. Dynamic Store Custome Pages
  3. Combine Theme Builder with Woocommerce
  4. Unlimited Custom Optimisation
  5. Best Seamless Shopping Desain and Custome
  6. Product View Options
  7. Simple and Fast Check out
  8. Integrated with Popular gateway

So if you want to have an online or eCommerce store using WordPress, the Avada theme is the right choice. Easy to use, a very complete online store feature, powerful, easy to customize, fully responsive, and other advantages that might not be found in other “online store” themes.

Third-Party Avada Integration

Maybe you ask if the Avada theme can be compatible with other features? As one of the best WordPress themes and has many features, this theme is also designed to be compatible with “third-party” to facilitate management when you design a website, both for yourself or your client. Some third-parties that can be integrated include:

  1. Woocommerce
  2. Font Awesome
  3. WPML
  4. Fusion Slider
  5. The Event Calendar
  6. Fusion White Label
  7. Yoast SEO
  8. PWA
  9. ACF Pro
  10. Slider Revolution
  11. bbPress
  12. Layer Slider 6
  13. Convert Plus
  14. Contact Form 7

Some features like the above, there are several items that have been integrated when you buy the theme, one of them is Slider revolution. You do not need to worry if you want to connect between Avada theme with some of the functions above, because it has been tested and compatible.

Mobile Responsive

At present, the appearance of a “mobile responsive” website is a must. This is because of the higher mobility users, so the website’s appearance must also be comfortable when viewed with a mobile device. To support mobile-friendly features, the Avada theme can be adjusted and set easily. Some of the mobile-friendly settings are:

  1. Responsive typography
  2. Mobile visibility system and configuration
  3. Positioning sidebar for devices
  4. Simple mobile view control

And several other settings that you can maximize to get a good website appearance and “fast loading”. Some settings like the above can be adjusted to the needs of website features and facilities, for example, off-canvas, search bars, sticky headers and menus, header images, and several other settings.

Masonry and Grid Layout

This feature is specifically for managing the appearance of article posts as desired. Usually in the form of irregular blocks. To get a good design, the “Masonry” feature comes with several very complete settings, easy to use, just drag and drop. What are the features of the masonry? Here are the details:

  1. Grid color separator
  2. Grid separator style
  3. Content alignment
  4. Color grid box
  5. Masonry width and high customize
  6. Blog grid and text padding
  7. Grid element color
  8. Masonry image ratio
  9. Layout
  10. Text layout
  11. Picture size

The use and setting of the masonry feature are quite easy, by drag and drop, or by sliding in accordance with the menu you choose. In addition, arrangements can also be made by entering certain values ​​as needed.

SEO Friendly Theme

To maximize a website in a search engine, it takes a theme that is “SEO friendly” with several settings in it. Therefore, the Avada theme has been equipped with many features to optimize the website, including features as below:

  1. Customize the title bar
  2. Flexible title element placement
  3. Build a custom footer layout
  4. NoFollow link customize
  5. Open graph meta tags
  6. Rich snippet
  7. And some settings related to SEO

The existence of these features, it can further maximize the content and information available on a website so that it is easily found in search engines. This feature will be more powerful if the website is linked to Google analytics and also the Google search console as a visitor data analysis.

Design Element

Avada theme is very powerful, both in terms of design, very complete features, varied layouts, responsive technical support, light, and fast loading, and design elements with many menus to make it easy for web designers to manage multiple menus and website appearance. There are more than 20 design elements that can be used, such as below:

  1. Alert
  2. Audio
  3. Blog
  4. Breadcrumbs
  5. Button
  6. Chart
  7. Checklist
  8. Code block
  9. Column
  10. Contact form
  11. Container
  12. Countdown
  13. Counter circle
  14. Dropcap
  15. Event
  16. Flip box
  17. Gallery
  18. Google maps
  19. Carousel Image
  20. And many other features.

All features of the design element can be used globally or according to the page you want to customize. In order for website performance to remain stable and fast, the use of several features must be properly set up, not all of which need to be used. There are some that must be used, and some that are not very important.

Above are some features that you can find if you use “Avada Theme”. From some menus and features as explained, hopefully, it can make it easy for you to build an attractive website, looks professional, fast loading, SEO friendly, responsive Mobile, and other benefits of the theme. For menus and other features, I will explain in the next article.