Avada WordPress Theme Features and Specifications (2)

Continuing the previous article about the Avada WordPress theme features and specifications, in this article, I will explain some other features that have not yet been explained. For features that I will explain there are about 20 more features. And if it hasn’t been finished with the explanation at this time, it will be continued again in the next article. What are the features of the Avada theme that will be explained here, whether it’s the menu, its function, how to customize, use on the website, and several other functions? Here’s the list:

From some of the list, I will explain one by one, so that makes you better understand every feature that is on the Avada theme. By knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of the theme, you are sure to buy a theme and install it on the website. Following each explanation of each feature above.

Layout Elements

This is the latest feature launched by the Avada theme. This feature consists of 8 new elements that can be used to build websites and customize some elements in it. Some elements that can be customized include footers, archives, posts, and page settings. The eight features in “layout elements” are below.

  1. Archive (post article)
  2. Author (footer section)
  3. Comment (article section)
  4. Content
  5. Features image slider
  6. Pagination
  7. Project detail (front end)
  8. Related posts (article and archives)

All these elements can be used to create a beautiful and professional website. This is because by using these features, you can make several settings, such as custom layouts for home pages, pages, menus, global elements, and section elements. It also can design the footer display to be more attractive. Some elements in the “footer” area that you can customize include about us, contact, archives, copyright, and other menus that you want to display.

In addition, the layout elements feature can also be used for “single post” customization, so that it can adjust the appearance of posts on the website, such as lists, grid articles, and also display related posts menu. Feature elements for article management are great if your website is a news niche.

Accessibility Features

Having a high-performance website is indeed a dream for everyone, especially if you have a business in the field of “web designer”, it must definitely provide the best for your clients. Avada theme was built with accessibility code that matches website standardization so that it can provide convenience and reliability in it.

Built with powerful design and coding, making this theme one of the choices in building a website that is able to interact with users, both users and your visitors.


This feature is useful for managing existing blocks on a web page. With “container”, you can easily adjust the website layout. There are many very powerful menus and all of them can be used with just a few clicks. What are the menus in the container and can be used as the page builder? Below is a list of possible menus.

  1. The backbone of your page container layout
  2. Complete flexibility for style and layout
  3. Schedule content for automatic publishing
  4. Full and width container adjustment easily
  5. Video background
  6. Complete colorize your gradient for the background
  7. Container filter and affect

To get the layout view, especially in the container section, the proportional settings in some of the menus in it must be fitting and matching. The menu in the container is global, so it will change the entire layout if you make settings for some of the menus above.


This feature is very useful for designing the front end as desired, especially adjusting the number of columns that exist on a page. With this feature, you can set the number of columns as desired, for example in one page you want to be divided into 2 columns, 3 columns, or 4 columns. All can be accommodated easily using the “column” feature. What menus did you find in this feature?

  1. Number of column setting up
  2. Column adjustment wide and high
  3. Customize padding, border, rounded corner, and box-shadow
  4. Column animation effect
  5. Custom column background
  6. Column background colorize
  7. Column filter effect

Usually, the use of the “column” feature is widely used for websites that want to display products or photos in the form of galleries. With this feature customization, you can make the gallery look more attractive, for example, the combination of background colors, choosing borders, hover animations, writing captions in the gallery, and many more benefits and advantages of this one feature.

Custom Icons

The function of the “custom icon” feature is usually to beautify the website. This feature is a newly launched facility. The icon in this theme is very complete and consists of several categories that are commonly used on a website. You can find hundreds of icons ready to use and make several settings on the icon, including icon size, color, icon layout, icon type and category, and much more. While in terms of fungi you can maximize on the icon menu, namely:

  1. Upload and save custom icon set
  2. Generate custom icons
  3. Use and put icon anywhere in your pages
  4. Integrated and compatible with the theme builder

Just like some menus and features available on a theme, on this theme, the use of custom icons is also easy. You can choose several icons presented on this theme, use and arrange the icon design as needed.

Filters and Styles

Existing facilities on this menu are global, so you can manage all elements on the website through the “filter and styles” feature. Supports 8 kinds of menus to enhance your website, including hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, invert, sepia, opacity, and blur. You can use filters and styles on several elements, such as single column full containers, backgrounds, images, content, and other elements.

Blog Layout

You definitely want to look at interesting articles and high CTR, right? If you use this theme, you can adjust the appearance of the “posting” layout as desired. Unlike other themes that only display the default layout, the Avada theme is equipped with a “blog layout” feature that allows us to adjust the appearance of the article. What are the display articles that can be customized? There are at least 7 layouts to optimize articles on a website, including:

  1. Masonry layout
  2. Grid layout
  3. Timeline layout
  4. Large images
  5. Large alternate
  6. Medium images
  7. Medium alternate

And more interestingly, with the blog layout feature, you can adjust the layout globally or individually, depending on the type of settings used. Some settings that can be done, either globally or individually include blog elements, blog themes, sidebar, single post, and post archives. Pretty complete, right?

Full Typography Control

If it is associated with SEO, then writing the correct article is highly recommended. What does it mean? Some ways of writing that can improve website ranking include the use of subheadings (H1, H2, H3, and so on), choosing a color that matches the background, the type of font used, and several other benefits related to the “font” itself.

By using the Avada theme, you can manage everything related to “typography”, so that the appearance of the article or page becomes more user friendly. Some settings on typography control, including:

  1. Flexibility Your website text
  2. Global and Individual typography setting
  3. Heading text configuration for SEO purpose
  4. Inline editor typography setting
  5. Use Google fonts and custom font simultaneously

Of the several font settings that are on each element of the website, be it articles, pages, or other elements, allows you to set some desired text area, easy, fast, and interesting.

Title Animation Effect

If you want to insert animation in text, don’t worry, because this theme also provides a very interesting “title animation effect” feature and consists of several animation effects. The animation effect on this feature can only be used on the title text, for example, article titles, pages, or other features on websites that require special attention to attract readers. There are 2 types of animation effects, namely statics highlights and visual effects. For clarity, the following menus are in each type, namely:

Statics Highlight

  1. Underline zig zag
  2. Double underline
  3. Single underline
  4. Top and bottom
  5. Circle highlight
  6. Diagonal one
  7. Diagonal two
  8. Strikethrough
  9. Cross through
  10. Dan curly underline

Animated visual effect

  1. Bounce
  2. Clip
  3. Fade
  4. Flip
  5. Light speed
  6. Rolling
  7. Typing
  8. Slide down
  9. Zoom

From this menu, you can choose, which type will be used to enhance the appearance of headings on the article or pages that you manage.

Professional Theme Support

As one of the best WordPress themes at this time, of course, it must be supported by a professional support team. Don’t worry, Avada theme has technical support that is ready to help you if you experience problems with the theme, starting from how to install the theme, how to use the existing features, and also support for services to the buyer of the theme. Here is some support that can be used if you buy the Avada theme:

  1. 6 Month free support for every license
  2. Multiple avenues of Support (Avada documentation, fusion builder documentation, video tutorial, support ticket, Facebook group, dan community forum)
  3. Word-class professional support team

Each of the above supports is expected to be able to provide solutions to problems related to this theme so that customers are satisfied using the theme.

Translation RTL Ready

As a theme that has been widely used around the world, of course, the Avada theme has many features to meet the needs of its users. One of the supports of this theme is the “translation-ready” feature that is compatible with several translation plugins, including WPML and Polylang. Both WPML or Polylang, these two plugins can function well if integrated with this theme, so you don’t need to worry if your website is accessed by people from all over the world in various languages.

Layout Control

With layout control, you can design a website that looks more attractive. There are container box features that you can optimize, namely wide mode and also box mode features. Each layout has advantages and disadvantages of each, where you can choose a design that suits your taste.

This feature is also “mobile-friendly”, so it is suitable if most of your visitors come from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Through layout control, several column designs can be chosen, such as:

  1. 1/1
  2. 1/2 – 1/2
  3. 1/3 – 1/3 – 1/3
  4. 1/4 – 1/4 – 1/4 – 1/4
  5. 2/3 – 1/3
  6. 1/3 – 2/3
  7. 1/4 – 3/4
  8. 3/4 – 1/4
  9. 1/2 – 1/4 – 1/4
  10. 1/4 – 1/4 – 1/2

And many more column designs that are on the layout control menu. To get the best results from some of these designs, you can adjust, both from the type of theme, website content, and the type of product offered. Here, you should be able to distinguish between company profile designs, news, recipes, galleries, video blogs, personal blogs, online resumes, and some front end designs.

Performance Management

High-performance websites would be everyone’s desire, especially if the website is used as a tool to “make money online”. What happens if the website’s performance is not optimal, slow, difficult navigation, front end display is not friendly, and many shortcomings. Of course, this should be avoided, right? Therefore, to overcome this problem, the Avada theme was built by professionals who have experience building themes with the best performance.

If you buy this theme, then you will find many advantages in it, especially those related to performance management. Some of the features and menus that exist in this theme and function to maximize your website, below are some facilities that can be used, including:

  1. Lazy load
  2. Font rendering
  3. Emoji script
  4. Dynamic CSS and Javascript optimize
  5. Enable progressive web app
  6. Cache first strategy file type
  7. File type networking strategy
  8. Splash screen logo
  9. App display mode
  10. App theme color

Correct settings on each menu above can be useful to improve overall website performance, such as loading speed, rendering process, delivery network, and many more advantages of this feature.

Fonts Awesome

There are times when certain areas on a website need a little modification, especially to improve the appearance of that area. Awesome fonts provided by the Avada theme consist of more than 1,400 free icons that can be used and make settings for several features, including changing colors, changing backgrounds, editing sizes, and many other interesting features that can be found on awesome fonts. Here I try to mention some awesome fonts that can be used, including:

  1. Icon size
  2. Flip icon
  3. Rotate icon
  4. Spinning icon
  5. Align icon
  6. Icon color
  7. Border color
  8. Background color
  9. Margin
  10. Animation icon
  11. And other icons

Header Layout

Of the many customizable website layouts, the header area might be the first choice to get a good initial appearance on a website. Through the “header layout” feature presented by this theme, you can easily create various header types and designs. There are about 7 header choices to choose from. In addition to these 7 header style options, there are also a number of settings to get the look you want, including:

  1. Flexible header positions
  2. Sticky header setup and options
  3. Header content section
  4. Creative header position and transparency design
  5. Flexible header width
  6. Complete and multiple headers control
  7. Flyout menu and hover effect
  8. Header search overlay mode
  9. Mobile menu compatibility
  10. Unlimited header background
  11. Sliding bar customization

You can manage and manage a variety of different display headers that are tailored to your business concept.

Page Title Bar Options

This feature allows you to set the appearance of the “topbar” menu on the website. There are several menu options that you can set easily, drag and drop, and view for real-time. There are various menus and settings that can be done on the page title bar, including:

  1. Globally and individually set-up for post and pages
  2. Flexible styling and layout design
  3. Search on every page
  4. Breadcrumbs pages
  5. Parallax and static background images
  6. The custom page title and subheading

Some other settings can be adjusted if you want to get a good and responsive title bar design. Some of the menus in the title bar are very helpful for beautifying the website, so it’s worth trying.

Fusion Slider

This feature is usually used to display slides on “home” in the form of videos, both videos from YouTube or videos on your computer. If you want to use this feature, first make sure your hosting capacity. If the capacity isn’t too large, it’s not recommended to use a fusion slider. This can reduce website performance, especially speed loading. But if your website has a high capacity hosting, this feature is great to try. Some modern websites have been equipped with a “fusion slider”, so it looks good performance. Some of the advantages of this feature are quite a lot, including:

  1. Responsive for all devices, any size, anywhere
  2. Size controlling easily
  3. Parallax scrolling effect
  4. Flexible options (navigation, custom animation, and responsive typography)
  5. Slider background display
  6. organize your slider content
  7. Put any link to your post or pages

It is expected that the “fusion slider” function on a website will enhance the website’s appearance. Moreover, this feature supports mobile-friendly devices, making it even easier to introduce the website to visitors.

Slider Revolutions

One feature that is quite popular in premium themes is the “slider revolution”, where this theme you can create various website slides, whether in the form of images, photos, or video slides. This one feature is different from Fusion Sliders, especially from the menu inside. Slider revolution has many features to make the slider look professional. Menus and features that can be optimized include:

  1. Slider positions
  2. Fully responsive for any content style
  3. Fully support through Youtube and Vimeo
  4. Slider template with easy drag and drop
  5. Navigation editor
  6. Global options
  7. 3D Parallax

The version used on the Avada theme is slider revolutions 6, where this version allows you to maximize the slider to be made, starting from the content slider, carousel, and also add-ons. For more details, you can learn and try it when you already use this theme.

Woocommerce Integration

Want to build a powerful online store? Do not worry, because the Avada theme is now also equipped with woo-commerce features that can be integrated with several features that existed before. There are 3 types of designs if you want to create an online shop with the theme, namely classic shop, modern shop, and landing products. From this type, there are several features that can be optimized to build a professional and high-performance online store, including:

  1. Woocommerce design integration
  2. Shop pages
  3. Product quick view
  4. Product pages
  5. Easy checkout
  6. Supporting online payment gateway
  7. Custom catalog mode

With these features, you can already create an online store with a modern look, easy to use, fast-loading, and responsive for all mobile devices. Each menu in each feature can be adjusted to the needs, such as menu descriptions, reviews, data specifications, shipping process, and other settings.

Yoast SEO

One very popular SEO plugin is “Yoast SEO”. Until now, the Yoast SEO plugin has been downloaded more than 5 million users. This plugin is available for free and paid versions. Good plugin from its performance in SEO optimization, the free version has been very powerful for optimizing keywords in the article by making a few settings on the menu. What are the menus that you can get from Yoast SEO?

  1. SEO analysis
  2. Readability analysis
  3. XML sitemap
  4. Admin menu bar
  5. Text link color
  6. Content optimize
  7. Focus keyphrase
  8. Snippet customization
  9. Social sharing
  10. And other function that you can optimize

If you want to get more optimal functionality from Yoast SEO, you might be able to upgrade to a paid version. Some more complete menus you can find in the paid version.

Contact Form 7

This plugin is no less popular than Yoast SEO. Until now it has been downloaded more than 5 million users. By using contact form 7, you can interact with website visitors, for example by filling out forms, surveys, newsletters, email lists, subscriptions, online orders, and other needs that require visitors to fill out these forms.

In the Avada theme that has been integrated with the contact form, you will find several additional features that make it easy to set the types and types of forms that you want to install on the website. Some of these settings are quite easy to do, namely through the theme builder menu. The following is a menu list that can be tried.

  1. Fusion builder element
  2. Custom form submission alert
  3. Styling options
  4. Use anywhere
  5. Unlimited form design
  6. Recaptcha

Video Library Tutorial

If you have difficulty using the Avada theme, you don’t need to worry. Avada theme provides tutorials in the form of HD quality videos and consists of dozens of videos that can be watched and learn. Broadly speaking, this video is divided into 2 main categories, namely:

  1. Avada video tutorial
  2. Fusion Builder Video Tutorial

Both videos consist of many tutorials that you can learn one by one and also practice directly. For more details, what can be learned from the video, the following video details can be learned, including:

Avada Video tutorial

  1. How to register Avada
  2. How to use pagination
  3. How to use a font
  4. How to build a custom archive
  5. Avada restaurant demo
  6. How to use Woocommerce
  7. How to use fusion pages
  8. How to set up a child theme
  9. How to use Avada widget
  10. How to use the event calendar
  11. How to use bbPress
  12. How to use slider revolution
  13. How to use Yoast SEO
  14. How to set up HubSpot live chat
  15. How to build a custom search
  16. How to build custom build page title
  17. How to use contact form 7
  18. How to use dynamic content
  19. How to set up masonry
  20. How to set up a portfolio

As for the video tutorials on the Fusion Builder tutorial options also vary, including:

  1. How to build a custom archive
  2. How to use the custom section
  3. How to use fusion builder
  4. How to use fusion pages
  5. How to use a single post

And many more video tutorials that you can use. This collection of videos you can also download to watch offline. Similarly, some features and specifications that you can get if you buy the Avada theme. In addition, with the video tutorial, it will be easier for users of this theme to directly practice it, install, display settings, customize the menu, and various other settings needed for your website.