Choose an Online Business

If you want to choose an online business that truly profitable, then before starting one of these online businesses, you must find out about the business itself. There are many types of online businesses that can give you unlimited amounts of money. Here are some online businesses you can try.

Join the Affiliate Program

One method of making money online that is mostly chosen by online businesses is an affiliate program. What is the affiliate program? An affiliate program is one program that provides commissions to members that promote a product with a certain commission. This type of business is indeed very profitable and easy to do. The reasons why affiliate businesses on the internet are in great demand, among others:

  1. Easy to do
  2. No need to require large capital
  3. Unlimited income potential
  4. Can be done anytime
  5. Works on autopilot
  6. Complete affiliate tools provide
  7. No need to store the products
  8. On-time commission payout
  9. And many other advantages of other affiliate programs

Many online businesses offer affiliate programs for their members, such as web hosting affiliates, video editor software affiliates, online courses, physical product sales, and so on. Of the many types of products, you can choose to accord to your passion. Why is that? This is to make it easier for you to promote the product. Then how to a promotional method for affiliate products? There are many ways you can work to start marketing an affiliate product. In today’s digital and internet era, everything is fast and practical. You can promote and sell affiliate products through online media, such as:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Pinterest
  4. Youtube Channel
  5. Forum Discussion
  6. Site Directory
  7. And other methods you think effective

From the brief explanation above, you already know what an affiliate business is, the methods, how affiliates to work, types of products offer in affiliate programs, and how to promote them.

Web Designer Services

If you have the skill to build a website, you can sell and offer your skills to business owners. This is very potential because currently, almost all businesses should have a website as an effective and efficient promotion method. Who can you offer to build a website? Here are some types of businesses that you can target, including:

  1. Home Industry
  2. Small Business
  3. Course Sites
  4. Personal Blog
  5. And much more

One of the advantages of web design services is the cost of renewal domains and hosting. For example, if you have 100 customers, it is very good. You can enjoy a stable passive income. If the renewal web per year is USD 150 for one website, then a month you can get USD 1,500 (for 10 customers). A fairly large value for passive income. How to offer this service? There are many ways that can be done, including:

  1. Using Google ads
  2. With SEO methods
  3. Offline methods
  4. Discussion Forum
  5. Social media
  6. And several other marketing methods

More and more people have websites to support their business, so this is a great opportunity to try. One very promising service is becoming a Google ads agent. I myself have been in business as an online advertising agency for more than 5 years, and it is very profitable. The business of being a Google ads agent is also one of the businesses that bring quite passive income. The potential income depends on how many customers you have. For example, if each of your customers spent to you for maintenance, a fee of USD 100 per month, then only multiply the number of existing customers.

For the method of marketing Google ads services, the same as some services I have mentioned above. You can use websites, social media, forums, and other suitable methods. But before offering these Google advertising services, you must first explain what google ads are, how they work, potential profits for businesses, and those that are very affordable.

SEO Services

For this one service, it must really have the ability around the online world. SEO (search engine optimization) is the activity of optimizing certain keywords so they can appear on the first page of search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Many parameters must be understood by an SEO practitioner. How much income can you earn if you want to run SEO services?

Usually, an SEO practitioner sets prices based on a project, for example, for one year. The advantages of SEO compared to paid advertising include lower costs and the long term. But to be able to master SEO many things must be learned, ranging from website audits, quality content, loading websites, navigation, and others. The average cost of SEO services depends on how many keywords you want to optimize.


At present, the marketplace is one of the choices for shopping. In addition, the existence of a marketplace can also be used as an alternative to making money through the internet, one of which is a dropshipper. What is a dropshipper? Dropshipper is a sales method like an affiliate, but different commission system. If the affiliate program, someone who sells the product has determined the amount of the commission. While dropshipper, sellers are free to determine their own desired profit.

Other advantages of the dropshipper system include not having to store the goods, no need to send products (already handled by suppliers), and many more advantages of the dropshipper business system. Before running a dropshipping business, you must first find a supplier of the product you are going to sell, how the profit potential is, the availability of the goods, is it always ready, and last but not least is the reputation of the supplier.

Similarly, several types of online businesses that you can choose and run. You can choose based on your passions. By running an online business seriously and consistently, the potential income you can achieve will be very large, and may even be unlimited. But of course, all must go through a process of learning, trial and error, invest time, energy, thought, and also a strong will to continue learning and learning. Based on My experience for many years, currently, I have passive income more than USD 2,000 monthly. It’s a very good business model that you can choose.