Complete Affiliate Marketing Training Course

If you want to become an expert in affiliate marketing, then you should look for a quality affiliate marketing training course. The definition of quality here is complete learning material, affordable prices, and most importantly the results of the learning process. One of the most recommended places for learning affiliate marketing is wealthy affiliate Bootcamp.

Before choosing a place to learn affiliate marketing, you must know first, what you will get from the course. If you join an affiliate Bootcamp, then you can learn from the basic, intermediate, to expert levels. Likewise for learning material, it is very complete. Some learning materials available here include tutorials, video training, webinars, live chat, private coaches, and much more. For more details, here are some of the main facilities that can be obtained from the affiliate Bootcamp training course.

Technical Support

The existence of technical support in an online service is indeed very important, the online course is no exception. With the technical support that always responds quickly to every complaint, it will be very meaningful, especially if there are problems or something to ask. Likewise for affiliate Bootcamp. Here there are two types of technical support, namely:

  1. Free member: technical support services are only available during the 7 day trial period. But always standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After the trial period is over, the training participants can no longer take advantage of the technical support.
  2. Premium member: different from a free member, for premium member technical support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and unlimited. Here are the benefits and benefits if you become a premium member.

Private Coaching

This feature is only available for premium members. For free members, this facility is not available. As a premium member, if you have questions about affiliate, or anything related to affiliate marketing, the private coaching feature is very useful. Usually, every question will be replied within 24 hours. In affiliate Bootcamp, there are several private coaching who are very experienced in affiliate marketing, so this is very useful, especially for members who still don’t know much about affiliate marketing.

Website Builder

One means to market affiliate products is a website. Unlike other courses, here is a very complete website builder facility. If you join BootCamp here, here are some website builder facilities that you can get, including:

  1. Domain register
  2. High-speed hosting
  3. Website Security
  4. Content Management
  5. SSL Certificate
  6. Daily Backup
  7. Content Checker
  8. Amazon Server
  9. And much more

With the support of the best quality hardware, this is a guarantee of the performance of your website. In addition to the best hardware support, you also get technical support, for example, if there are problems or difficulties.

Webinar and Video Tutorial

In addition to some support as above, other very important affiliate learning tools are video tutorials, and also webinars. For video tutorials on affiliate Bootcamp, there are hundreds of modules, so you can learn online via video. Some videos can be learned include:

  1. How to drive traffics
  2. Social media secret
  3. How to choose the target audience
  4. Building website step by step
  5. Choose the best niche for affiliates
  6. Promotional methods
  7. How to website optimization
  8. SEO Secret and Practice
  9. And much more module

While the material in the form of webinars is held routinely once a week, which is every Saturday. You can join here live, and also ask questions that will be answered directly by the moderator or host.

Keyword Research Tool

One important component in optimizing a website is how to choose the right keywords to optimize. To support the search for the right keywords, the affiliate Bootcamp also has a keyword research tool, Jaaxy. This Jaaxy keyword tool consists of several features that are very powerful and you can use to search for target keywords. Some of the features in this tool include:

  1. Site Rank
  2. My Keyword lists
  3. Search Analysis
  4. Alphabet Soup
  5. Affiliate Program
  6. Niche Keyword Lists

As in the affiliate Bootcamp table, if you are a premium member, then you can use all of these features to research keywords that will be used as article writing material. With the Jaaxy keyword research tool, several benefits you can get include:

  1. Know the number of monthly keyword searches
  2. The level of competition for keywords
  3. Potential traffic that will be obtained
  4. Know the domain authority
  5. Choose the right keywords

Affiliate Programs

Besides learning about affiliate marketing, here you can also participate in promoting programs from the affiliate Bootcamp itself. There are affiliate features that are supported by a fairly complete link generator and also statistics from the program. What are the features of the affiliate program? Here are the details:

  1. Details: contains some information about your affiliate link, revenue illustration, and also the Bootcamp course module.
  2. Tasks: contains information about the description, user profile, my profile, goals, and questions.
  3. Stats: consists of information about the earnings obtained, visitor statistics of your affiliate links, total revenue, and also referral details.
  4. Referral: is information about your current referral number. Here you can find out how many free member referrals and also premium member referrals.
  5. Tracking link: is information about your affiliate link. Some affiliate links that are here, for example, main links, promotional links, signup links, and also custom links.
  6. Banners: if you have a website and want to put up banners as a promotional tool, there are several banner sizes that can be adjusted to your needs.

Live Chat

In addition to learning through modules, webinars, video tutorials, discussion forums, you also have the opportunity to ask other members through the “live chat” facility. This facility serves to facilitate communication between members on certain topics, for example, topics about how to build a website, solve problems on a website, find a suitable niche, or other matters related to an affiliate.

Similarly, some features that you can get through the affiliate Bootcamp online course. In general, here are the details of features and facilities that you can get if you become a premium member, including:

  1. Training
  2. Website Builder and Domain registration
  3. Live events
  4. Keywords Research tool
  5. Affiliate program
  6. Live Chat
  7. And the Help Center

It is hoped that after learning affiliate marketing here, you will be able to run an affiliate business properly and effectively and generate large profits. By following each guide and putting it into practice, all your efforts will get maximum results. And the thing to remember is, running a business like this long term, tenacity, investment of time, energy, thought, trial and error, and also a little bit of cash.