Everything About Affiliate Bootcamp You Need to Know

Many people still don’t understand what is Affiliate Bootcamp? Affiliate Bootcamp is a place and learning online for those of you who want to deepen around the world of an affiliate. Usually, the material taught here is very complete. Although there are many other places you can learn it, here, in addition to the complete material, the tutorial can also be directly practiced.

If you are interested in affiliate marketing, then this place is a right to learn. But before deciding on the best affiliate Bootcamp, you first need to get to know some of the terms used in the affiliate field, for example about how it works, payment systems, types of products that can be marketed, marketing methods, allowed methods, and other suggestions needed to run an affiliate business.

One well-known learning place is a Wealthy Affiliate. Learning activities here online, accepting members from all over the world. Before deciding to take part in the training, here are some of the questions that are commonly asked, including:

  1. Who can learn programs here?
  2. How long time to learn?
  3. How much the cost?
  4. What the affiliate marketing tool and support?
  5. How is the affiliate learning process?
  6. Is there a guarantee of success?

Those are some questions that are often asked by some people who want to learn about affiliate marketing. From some of these questions, we will try to answer in detail and thoroughly, so that it can be a consideration for those of you who want to seriously learn all things related to affiliate marketing, especially if you want to know more about wealthy affiliates.

Who Can Learn at Affiliate Bootcamp?

To learn affiliate, anyone can learn here, young, old, male, and female, everyone can learn here. Whatever your age, as long as there are interest and seriousness, you can join. For example, at this time wealthy affiliate, since its founding in 2005 already has more than 2 million members. Of course, this figure is very large of an online learning community, especially in the world of an affiliate.

From all members who are here, come from various professional backgrounds, ranging from students, online businessmen, employees, retirees, teachers, musicians, and many more. In terms of age is also very diverse, ranging from young to elderly people, all passion for learning new things, especially affiliate marketing. And you don’t need to worry because all members here are ready to help other members if they need guidance, answering questions, etc. All members have a sense of responsibility to share knowledge so that everyone can master what affiliate marketing is.

Everyone from all over the world can join the wealthy affiliate. Therefore, in addition to learning the world of affiliate which for some people may still be new, you can also learn other things here, for example about using English.

How Long do You have to Learn at Wealthy Affiliate?

There is no limit to how long to course here. This is because a wealthy affiliate is an online learning community, so you can study wherever and whenever. Some have been members for more than 5 years, 10 years, and some have only joined for 1 month. Why does this happen? This is because the affiliate Bootcamp community will always emerge and develop new knowledge about the world of affiliates, internet marketing, and so forth. So it will benefit you for the long term.

For those of you who still lay in the internet world, especially in the affiliate Bootcamp here a lot of material related to making websites for example. So this automatically requires the member to follow each guide and also practice it directly. This may be a reason for some members to continue learning.

How Much it Cost?

The cost of learning here is not very expensive, and I am sure you can afford to attend the training presented here. Unlike other affiliate learning courses that are quite expensive to joint the learning program. If you want to learn at wealthy affiliate Bootcamp, there are 3 membership schemes that you can try and joint, namely:

Starter Member

Is a participant who has just joined and tried membership for free one a week. Starter members can access several features and facilities available, including:

  1. Live support
  2. Free training for several modules
  3. Website builder
  4. Analysis
  5. Hosting
  6. Affiliate Bootcamp lesson
  7. Classroom training
  8. And much more

This membership only lasts for a week. The purpose of the starter membership is to introduce some of the facilities that will be obtained if the participant will upgrades membership to a premium member later.

Monthly Member

Is a member who has been upgraded in a premium package with a monthly membership fee of around USD 49. For premium members can access all the features and facilities provided by wealthy affiliates in full and unlimited. Some of the features and facilities that will be obtained by premium members include:

  1. Live help 24/7
  2. Private Coaching
  3. Network with Expert
  4. Accelerated Help
  5. Full website Support
  6. Website Builder
  7. Security Package
  8. SSL
  9. Platform Feedback
  10. Site speed Performance boost
  11. High-Resolution Images database
  12. And much more

There are around 50 features and facilities that are very powerful and can be accessed anytime, anywhere. So, if you are serious about affiliate marketing, then the premium member is the best choice you can make.

Annual Member

Is a premium member who pays a year at a time. An annual fee if not mistaken of USD 495, for which you get a 2-month discount. But to be sure, you can ask the customer support team about the information. How about the facilities for this premium member type? Broadly speaking, the facilities and features that can be obtained are the same as the premium members who pay monthly.

What Affiliate Learning Materials and Features do You get?

If you want to seriously learn about affiliate marketing, joining a wealthy affiliate is the right choice. Many learning modules can be obtained, and all of them are very useful for a beginner and even an expert. The type of module that is very complete and easy to understand is one of the advantages that you cannot find elsewhere. What learning material will you get if you learn at wealthy affiliate Bootcamp? The following material you can get, include:

  1. Training
  2. The website
  3. Live Events
  4. Keywords Research
  5. Affiliate Programs
  6. Live Chat
  7. Help Center

Of all the learning modules above, all contain material in the form of videos, webinars, ask questions and forums. For more details about what features and facilities contained in each session, the following details can you learn. To make it easier learning about affiliate marketing, “take action” is an important thing to do.

Training Module

The learning process at Wealthy Affiliate begins with the training module. In the training module, each member will get an introduction and learner from the beginning. What can you get in the “training module”? The following is a list of training modules that can be learned, including:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp
  3. My Training Activities
  4. HQ Training
  5. Classroom

In the training list as above, each module has several submodule training that you will later learn and practice. Some examples of submodules that you need to know about, such as:

Online Entrepreneur Certification

Contains getting started, building your own traffic methods, how to make money, mastering social engagement, maximizing your content for search engines. From some of these modules, you will be taught from the beginning to the end. It is strongly recommended to follow each of the steps above to make it easier to follow the next steps.

Affiliate Bootcamp

After you follow the first module (online entrepreneur), the next step is affiliate Bootcamp. What material will be taught here? In the affiliate Bootcamp session, some of the material you will learn includes starting a business rolling, how to write useful articles, how to utilize social media, how to find the right target audience, how to use paid traffics (Google Ads and Bing Ads), and maximize PPC campaign. Each of the material above is presented in the form of video tutorials, step by step article guides, webinars, and also hands-on practice.

My Training Activities

Is a collection of training that you have participated in in the previous module as well as other modules. You can repeat some training modules that may not be understood through the list contained in the module.

HQ Training

Is a collection of training created by members of a wealthy affiliate Bootcamp. Through this module, you can find out members who are actively creating tutorials, both in the form of webinars, articles, videos, and other guides. Every day, the training module continues to grow. As of this writing, there are more than 400 training that you can learn.


Is training that is a discussion between members. You can create topics, answer other members’ questions, and also other forum activities. Some topics that are often discussed in this module are usually about how to start an affiliate business, how to write articles, about affiliate programs, build websites with WordPress, social media marketing, about WordPress CMS, keyword and niche markets, SEO, email marketing, wealthy affiliate platforms, PPC marketing, video marketing, and many more.

Website Features

Another feature that you can also enjoy in affiliate programs from wealthy affiliates is the Website features. This feature contains several facilities that can be used to complement your needs in promoting affiliated products. What are the facilities and features that you can get from the “website” menu? The following details and explanations about the website menu, among others:

  1. Site Manager
  2. Site Builder
  3. Site Domain
  4. Site Content
  5. Site Comments
  6. Site Feedback
  7. And Site Support

Through some of the facilities above, you can start building a professional website in accordance with the material taught in the training session. For more details about the details and what will be obtained from each sub-menu above, here are some explanations:

Site Manager

Is a menu that contains information about the website that you have built through the wealthy affiliate platform. Some of the menus contained in the site manager include new website builds, site credential login, refresh menus, views, comments, feedback, moves, and details. You can learn each function by clicking on this button.

Site Builder

Is a menu that contains facilities to start building a website. The features available include free subdomain (siterubix.com), my own domain, and also register domain facilities. Why do you need to build a website through the facilities provided by wealthy affiliates? There are several advantages if you build a website through this platform, including the availability of site speed optimization technology, web security, real-time data backup, search engine optimization, and thousands of themes that are ready to use.

Site Domains

Is a feature available on the website menu that you can use to manage a domain, such as a list of domain names, domain transfers, creating subdomains, and some domain management needs? With this feature, you can easily search for a domain name for the website that you are building. Just a few steps, then you can get a domain name that suits your needs, whether it’s the extension .com, .org, .net, .info, or other extensions.

Site Content

Is a content writing feature that you can directly publish to your website. Some of the menus in it are diverse enough to help write articles easily. The menu includes published articles, unpublished articles, text area templates, search menus, and several other features. By using site content, you can write professional and fast writing articles.

Site Support

Is a feature and facility that allows you to make a ticket to technical support if you have questions, or an error occurs on your website. Based on my experience, customer support at Wealthy Affiliate is very responsive in every complaint you face. You will get an answer in a few minutes.

Similarly, some features and facilities that you can get from the “website menu” if you become a premium member. Of course, there are still many other facilities that are more interesting to know.

Live Events

One feature that is held once a week, which is in the form of a webinar. Webinars take place every Saturday. The duration ranges from 1 to 2 hours. The topics that will be discussed also vary, ranging from how to build a website, bring in traffic, SEO optimization, WordPress, about Affiliate Marketing, and other topics that are still related to the affiliate Bootcamp itself. For a webinar schedule that will take place, you can find out through the “Webinar” menu on your affiliate account. And even more interesting, if you do not have the chance to attend some of the webinars that have been held, you can see them on the calendar, and there will be many webinars that have been held and also the titles of these webinars.

If you want to search for webinar topics, you can search in the search field located at the top. Then many webinars will appear according to the keywords you are looking for. From these webinars, please choose which one is needed. In addition, you can also comment on the webinar, write a review, and also be able to interact directly when the webinar takes place.

Keywords Research

To optimize a website on a search engine, for example, Google, Bing, or Yahoo, then before writing an article it is recommended to search for keywords that you want to target or optimize. Benchmarks for searching for potential keywords are quite simple based on the parameters provided by the keyword research tool, including:

  1. Number of searches per month
  2. Level of keyword competition
  3. Potential visitors to be gained
  4. And several other parameters

If you study at wealthy affiliate Bootcamp, especially premium members, you will get a keyword research tool facility, namely Jaaxy. You can search for keywords that you want to optimize through some of the features in it. What are the features available on Jaaxy? Here are the details.

  1. Site Rank
  2. My Keywords Lists
  3. Search Analysis
  4. Alphabet soup
  5. Brainstorm HQ
  6. Affiliate Program
  7. And Niche Keyword Lists

Of all the features above, you can maximize keyword searches that can be used as a material in making articles. For good keyword parameters to be optimized, include a low level of competition, high search volume, and also longtail keywords. On the menu in Jaaxy, all of that information is available.

Affiliate Programs

Are you new to the world of affiliate marketing? Learning at a wealthy affiliate Bootcamp is the right and best choice. Why is that? There is a lot of information that you can get. In addition to learning, you can also participate in marketing wealthy affiliate program, and here is also available a lot of information about affiliate products that can be tried. Some features available on the “affiliate program” menu include:

  1. Search Column
  2. Popular Categories
  3. Popular Keywords
  4. Trending Opportunities
  5. High Commission Affiliate Lists
  6. High Percentage Affiliate Program
  7. And several other interesting affiliates features

You can look for affiliate programs that can provide high commissions. Of course, you must register first through affiliate networking. There are many affiliate programs that give more than 50% commission.

Live Chat

One feature that is in the affiliate Bootcamp is “live chat”. This feature is specifically for all members who want to ask questions and also provide answers to these questions. If you often contribute to the live chat menu, it will affect your ranking in this affiliate Bootcamp, some of the advantages include being able to optimize content or articles written to appear in the best position on the top article.

What is the Learning Process on Affiliate Bootcamp?

At Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp, the learning process is very enjoyable, especially since all the members help one another. If you have difficulties, you can ask questions through forums, questions, or private messages to other members. In addition, the teaching methods provided are also very simple, in the form of articles and tutorials, videos, webinars, live chat, and also discussion forums. With a membership fee that is quite affordable, you can get learning material about affiliate marketing that is very complete, and not found anywhere else.

Is there a Guarantee of Success?

A person’s success is not determined by the learning process but is determined by you. The extent to which your efforts to achieve success through the methods that have been given. After learning all the modules and also the learning methods that are in wealthy affiliates, then you just have to practice it. During the “action” process, you will surely encounter many obstacles, including:

  1. Not consistently applying all methods
  2. Not apply existing methods
  3. Not focus
  4. And much more

Therefore, to achieve this success, have you done all the learning and practicing processes? Requires a long time, energy, thoughts, emotions, and also investment capital (though not large). Hopefully, through some of the pictures above about the facilities and learning features in wealthy affiliate Bootcamp, you can immediately make a decision for a better future through the affiliate marketing business.