Guides to Choosing Ecommerce Website Hosting

If you have a plan to build an online or eCommerce store, you need reliable and stable hosting support. There are several features of Ecommerce Website Hosting that must be considered before deciding to choose one hosting service. Here are some guidelines for choosing web hosting services and features for eCommerce needs, including:


To get the best support in running a website, moreover, the web is used as an online shop or eCommerce, hosting that is absolutely needed is stable and reliable. What happens if your online store is often down, it will definitely hurt you as a business owner, and also your customer, right? Therefore, the reliability of web hosting is very important. Some important things are checking the hardware support, software, and also other factors in the hosting service. You can look for reviews or testimonials from customers who have used it with the hosting. One important factor in assessing the reliability of hosting services is the uptime guarantee. The uptime guarantee range commonly given is 99.99%. You should be able to ensure this as a guarantee that the hosting service is truly reliable.

Hosting Performance

Usually, each web hosting company will offer several hosting packages according to consumer needs. Every hosting package offered has different features. Well, this is where you have to be observant to choose which features are suitable and according to your needs. This is very important because every hosting package that you choose will usually affect the hosting performance. To determine a suitable hosting package, here are a few factors that should be a concern, including:

  1. Monthly traffic: how much about the traffic that will visit your website every month
  2. Storage capacity: how much data will be stored on your website
  3. Supporting software: about application or software that will be used
  4. Hardware specifications: what is the hardware capacity for now and in the future
  5. And others

By knowing the specifications of the hosting package, you are not expected to choose the wrong one. To save hosting costs, it is advisable to look for packages that really as your needs. If your current e-commerce website is just established and doesn’t yet have a lot of traffic, it is recommended to choose the cheapest hosting package, one of which is share hosting. This is to know more about the performance of the hosting company that you choose.

Security Features

A good web hosting service must be able to provide security for the site. Especially, if the hosting that you use will function as eCommerce and relate to financial transactions. Some of the security features that must be installed by an eCommerce website include:

  1. Sitelock: is a feature that functions to do routine scanning, whether daily scanning, weekly, or monthly. With the sitelock feature, then the possibility of malware attacks, viruses, hackers, etc. can be minimized. You must make sure, whether the hosting package that you choose provides these features. If the hosting package does not include the sitelock, usually these features is offered separately.
  2. SSL Certificate: is a security feature that is installed on the website and can be identified through a web browser. This feature is usually a green padlock icon. Besides functioning as a security, the use of an SSL certificate is also an important factor in SEO. At present Google prioritizes sites that have SSL certificates to display on search engines, although this is not absolute.
  3. Auto Backup: is a service that works to periodically back up a website, for example, daily backup, weekly backup, or monthly backup. Auto backup is a feature of every hosting package. But again, before buying a hosting package, you must first determine whether the auto-backup feature is offered in one hosting package or offered separately. This is very important to avoid the occurrence of separate payments from the hosting package.

Supporting Software

Every hosting must include supporting software. The function of supporting software is to help customers when they want to build a website. For example, if you want to build a website that is used for online or eCommerce stores, make sure the supporting software is available. By default, some supporting software offered by hosting companies include:

  1. WordPress: This CMS is usually the default in supporting software for each hosting package offered. The advantage of WordPress is that it can be used for various website purposes, ranging from company profiles, news, personal blogs, online stores, online CVs, listings directory, and various types of websites. Besides being powerful, WordPress CMS also supports thousands of themes and plugins that you can get for free.
  2. Prestashop: This CMS is used specifically to build online stores, complete with features in it. If you want to try this one CMS, it’s good to be familiar with some of the main features inside.
  3. cPanel: this facility has also become the default for every hosting package purchase. The function of cPanel is to manage, ranging from the file manager, databases, admins, backups, and grouping other facilities in an integrated whole.
  4. And various other supporting features and software.

Customer Support

The customer support service from the hosting company is indeed very important. The existence of customer support is very useful when you had problems or difficulties, and also errors on the website or hosting that you manage. Some customer support services that you should know before choosing a website hosting service, especially for eCommerce purposes, including:

  1. Fast response: a professional hosting company is when they provide fast responses to every complaint that occurs to their customers. This is very important because there are many customers who are disappointed with the slow response.
  2. Problem-solving: professional customer support from hosting companies should be able to solve every problem faced by all customers, both technical problems, payment systems, hosting features, and several other problems. What happens if customer support is not able to provide optimal service for every problem faced by the customer?
  3. 24 hours available: good customer service is able to provide services to all customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. That is, whenever needed, customer service should always be on standby.

Hardware Specifications

One of the considerations when you want to buy a website hosting package specifically for e-commerce, you must pay attention to the hardware specifications for each package that is chosen. Usually, hosting specifications consist of several options, depending on the desired needs. But in general, the hosting package consists of several options, including:

  1. Share Hosting: usually used for new beginner websites
  2. Cloud Server: used for websites that require stable performance
  3. WordPress Hosting: usually widely used for the WordPress platform
  4. VPS: used for multiple websites with capacity that is starting to growth
  5. Dedicated Hosting: specifically for websites that require high and stable hardware performance

Hardware specifications that you need to know include RAM capacity, bandwidth, iNode, data storage capacity, email accounts, CPU, and several other important specifications. From each of the above packages, you must really understand the difference of each package, starting from supporting software, hardware specifications, hosting package prices, which will be adjusted to your needs.

Data Center Network

Professional hosting companies usually have many data center networks throughout the world. This is to provide fast and stable data transfer services, so that website performance is maintained, which will ultimately provide a plus for all customer hosting. The existence of a data center needs to be considered, whether in the area closest to your business location there is a data center from the hosting.

Thus some important points that you need to consider if you want to choose a web hosting package, especially for eCommerce web hosting. With some guidelines and factors in web hosting, you are not wrong in choosing a web hosting package that is suitable and match with your business needs.