Looking for The Best eCommerce WordPress Plugin?

Having a website that functions as an online shop must be maintained regularly. Are you interested in creating an online or eCommerce store? One of the most widely used website platforms for building online stores is WordPress. This is because this CMS has many plugins to choose from as needed. One of the most sought after plugins is the eCommerce WordPress plugin. This plugin has many add-ons so that its functionality can be maximized.

In this article, I will explain what plugins can be used to optimize your eCommerce. Even though there are tons of plugins, here I will only give a few examples of plugins that I have used, in total there are about 10 plugins. This plugin allows you to maximize its functionality as needed, for example for shipping rates, customizing products, the checkout process, and other functions. Here are the plugins that I want to explain, including:

Of all the e-commerce plugins, you don’t need to use all of them, you just need to be customized according to your needs. Usually, if you use the “premium WordPress theme” there are already several eCommerce plugins that will cover all your online store needs. And if you feel the features are lacking, then you can add some plugins that are suitable. But before buying any of these plugins for e-commerce, first read the specifications, functions, compatibility, and other functions so that e-commerce can function more optimally. The following is detail and summary of each of the e-commerce plugins above.

Advanced Bulk Edit

This plugin was first released around 2014. As of this article, it has sold more than 10,000+ worldwide. For those of you who have an online store, you can use the “advanced bulk edit” to optimize your e-commerce functions. In this plugin, you will find several features that I think are quite good, including:

  1. Built-in 44 field
  2. Bulk create, duplicate, and delete products
  3. Saving your time to build an online store
  4. Set thousands of products just in few click
  5. Live demo
  6. And 30+ other features

If you have an online store that sells “fashion” products, then this plugin is perfect for integrating with several other plugins, for example, Woocommerce. For the price, the advanced bulk edit costs around $ 34, with 6 months of free support.

Advanced Shipping

Having an online shop is inseparable from the delivery method. Likewise for your eCommerce management. But don’t worry, because the online store that uses the WordPress platform has many plugins, including a “shipping plugin” that you can set as needed. One of the plugins for the shipping method is “advanced shipping“, where if you use this plugin, there are many benefits that can be obtained, including:

  1. Easy to used
  2. Advanced customizable condition
  3. Developer friendly
  4. Easily extendable
  5. Multicustom for the country, quantity, zip code, subtotal, weight, and much more
  6. Conditional logic
  7. Table rate shipping
  8. Unlimited shipping methods
  9. Volume-based pricing
  10. No coding required

Those are some of the benefits of the features that you can get in this plugin. Of these features, I think it is sufficient for your needs in managing an online store, especially those related to product delivery to your customers.

Amazon Affiliate

You can also have an online store as a “dropshipper website”, namely by selling products from other brands, for example, selling Amazon, eBay, and several other marketplaces. One of the plugins that you can use for dropshipping needs, one of which is “Amazon Affiliate“, wherewith this plugin, there are lots of conveniences in setting up online stores, especially those engaged in dropshipping products. What features can you find in this plugin?

  1. Price variation
  2. Amazon ASIN grabber
  3. Products stats
  4. On-site cart
  5. Amazon review
  6. 90 days cookies
  7. CSV import
  8. One second import
  9. Advanced search
  10. Product variation
  11. Product shortcode
  12. Automated content spinner
  13. Synchronization
  14. GEO targeting
  15. Amazon coupon
  16. Crosseling
  17. Shipping availability

Those are some of the features that in my opinion are very complete to optimize the online store and function specifically as a dropshipping website. For more details about the functions of each of these features, you can visit the official website directly. This plugin is priced at $ 49.

Email Newsletter

One method of selling products online is to have a large database. To compile such a database, especially if you have an online store is to equip it with an autoresponder, such as an “email newsletter” plugin. Just like email marketing in general, some of the main features provided by this plugin are also quite diverse and can be used optimally. Some of the features included in this plugin include:

  1. Create beautiful campaign easily
  2. RSS to an email campaign
  3. Random post tags
  4. Dynamic custom post
  5. Drag and drop features
  6. Autoresponder
  7. Campaign analytics
  8. Unlimited subscriber, list, and form
  9. Segmentation
  10. Work with popular plugin
  11. And 20+ other features

With email marketing to promote the online store, the chances of getting customers will be even greater. You can customize some of the features in an email newsletter according to the type and type of business, as well as the function of each individual.

Fancy Products Designer

Do you have an online store in the printing sector, for example, fashion printing? If so, then “fancy products designer” might be one of the mainstay plugins to optimize your online store. This plugin functions to customize a product in real-time and is done by the customer on a website. The use of this plugin is perfect for online stores that sell merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, clothes, and other printing products. What are the features?

  1. Customize products
  2. Advanced color system
  3. Text transformation
  4. Images transformation
  5. Multi various layout
  6. Pricing layout and element
  7. Responsive on any device
  8. Support any language
  9. Compatible with the popular platform, WordPress, Woocommerce, jquery, etc

With this plugin, it will be easier for your customers to design the products they want through the website, in real-time. Easy to use, drag and drop, and fast.

Pricing and Discount

The function of the “pricing and discount” plugin is to provide discounts to customers for certain products. By using this plugin, you can apply discounts automatically and quickly. There are many features in this plugin, and all of them are very useful and you can optimize it for almost any type of online store. The features of this plugin include:

  1. Dynamic pricing adjustment
  2. Conditional cart discount
  3. Rule management
  4. Multiple strategies and methods
  5. Unmatched power and flexibility
  6. Simple adjustment
  7. Bulk pricing
  8. Group of products

And some other interesting features. Using this plugin is also quite easy, only a few settings on the plugin menu, especially if you are using WordPress as the website platform. The price itself is relatively cheap and economical, at $ 59. But before buying the “pricing and discount” plugin, it’s a good idea to read again about the features, pricing, technical support, and also the price of the plugin, so you can adjust it to your website’s needs.

Product Filter

The online store that you manage is not optimal, especially in managing every product in it? To help you manage your online store easier, maybe a “product filter” plugin can be one of the best solutions. Why is that? By using this plugin, there are many things you can do to improve the website management system, especially in setting the product items you want to sell. The following features that you can get in this plugin, namely:

  1. One-click product filter demos
  2. Work with any Woocommerce platform
  3. Add product filter shortcode
  4. Filter by any products criteria
  5. Variable products in stock
  6. Work with any page builder
  7. Easy plugin integration
  8. Ajax supported
  9. Filter analytics
  10. Automatic update

By using this one multifunction plugin, you can manage various products easier, faster, and more efficiently. This feature has been widely used by online stores. To date, the product filter plugin has been purchased by more than 14,000 users.

Table Rate Shipping

Regarding online stores, determining the “shipping rate” is often a problem in itself. This is because there is no shipping rate that can be fully customized. However, currently, there is one plugin, namely “Table Rate Shipping” which can simplify shipping rate settings, wherein this plugin there are various features to facilitate the amount of shipping on products to be sent to customers. There are about 20 features that you can use. These features include:

  1. Order
  2. Individual products
  3. Cart line product
  4. Shipping class
  5. Woocommerce shipping zone
  6. Product subtotal
  7. Quantity
  8. Weight product
  9. Height
  10. Surface area
  11. Volume
  12. Shipping area
  13. Multiple conditions
  14. Flat price
  15. Percentage subtotal
  16. Drag and drop table row
  17. Disable shipping tax
  18. And much more

You can optimize some of these features so that there is no error at the rate for product delivery to customers. However, it is recommended to choose the features that are really needed so that website performance and ease of management are maintained.

Woocommerce Extra

Still about plugins for e-commerce. This time, one of the plugins that are good enough to optimize your online store is “Woocommerce Extra” with very complete features, easy to use, and compatible with other plugins. There are several basic menus that function to manage products and also deliver to customers. For more details, here are the features that can be used in this plugin:

  1. Price products options
  2. Build form
  3. Style and validate features
  4. Images swatches
  5. Math formula
  6. Transform variation
  7. Product selection
  8. Control panel
  9. Customer support
  10. Free update

And many other interesting features. There are around 50+ features to optimize your online store through this plugin. Several features can be adjusted, both from the type of product, product size, packaging, and also the way of delivery to the customer.

Woocommerce Product Filter

This plugin is a premium facility for those of you who have an online store. Although there are several similar plugins, they are not as complete as the “Woocommerce product filter” which is specifically for a complex online store. There are many features and facilities with more complex functions, easy to use, can be integrated with several other plugins. For more details about the features available in this plugin, here are some details:

  1. Widget
  2. Product shortcode
  3. Ajax product search
  4. Filter by SKU
  5. Color filter
  6. Image filter
  7. Slider product
  8. Statistic
  9. Quick search
  10. Meta filter

If you want to know more details about the functions of each of these features, you can go directly to the official site, which is Themeforest. There is a detailed explanation of each function and menu.

Maybe that’s a brief explanation about some “e-commerce plugins” that can be used. Apart from, of course, there are still many similar plugins, both free and paid ones. If you don’t have enough budget to complete your online store, it’s a good idea to try some of the free plugins that are widely available on the internet.