Powerful Cloudways Hosting that You Should to Know

Currently, I just tried a hosting service that offers more complete server support and affordable prices, the hosting is “Cloudways Hosting” provider. Why is it more complete and cheaper? It is undeniable, this hosting provider is equipped with the technology and servers of several hosting companies that I am sure you will know. Some of the hosting packages offered by Cloudways include:

  1. Digital Ocean
  2. Linode
  3. Vultr
  4. Amazon Web Service
  5. Google Cloud
  6. CDN from Stackpath

The above features are undoubtedly the performance and quality, both in terms of hardware, hosting package prices, supporting software, and many more advantages that you can get from Cloudways hosting. In this article, I will explain, among others:

Those are the features and perks you get when you buy a Cloudways hosting plan. All features are available on all servers, whether Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, or Google Cloud. For more details, in this article, I explain these features, so that you understand better and make the decision to choose the hosting package to use.

24 Hours Technical Support

If this is your first time using a hosting service with features and facilities that you have never used, then there are times when you need help, whether there are problems, technical questions, how to use hosting features, and questions about “Cloudways hosting”, then 24 hours customer service will always help you. Usually, at the beginning of using live chat, you will get an answer from the chatbot, but if you have more complicated problems, you will be connected to technical support who is ready to help 24 hours.

Free SSL Certificate

One important factor in optimizing a website according to Google’s algorithm is the “secure” factor that must be installed on every website. How to find out if the website has installed a security feature (SSL certificate), which is the padlock icon on the browser, on the top left. If you use a Cloudways hosting provider, you can get this feature for free, and the installation method is quite easy. Only a few clicks through the dashboard, then this feature is immediately active. Even though this service is free, its function is good enough to secure a website from possible hackers, malware, or other attacks.

CDN Include

Apart from the SSL certificate, another factor that must be considered in optimizing website performance is the “loading speed” of the website. There are many ways to improve website performance, especially in terms of speed, one of which is by installing a CDN (content delivery network) feature. You can get this feature for free if you buy a hosting package at a Cloudways hosting provider. The CDN used is from the Stackpath service. As we all know, Stackpath is a CDN provider that is quite popular because of its excellent performance.

To be able to use the CDN feature from Cloudways, if your website uses the WordPress platform, it is usually installed on the “Breeze Plugin” which can be set as needed. Some of the features included in this plugin include:

  1. Basic option
  2. Advanced option
  3. Database
  4. CDN
  5. Varnish
  6. FAQ’s

Using this plugin is quite easy, only activated a few features. After trying this plugin, my website speed has increased quite significantly.

Free Migration

Do you have a website and want to move to Cloudways? Don’t worry, because Cloudways provides a “free migration” feature from other hosting providers. The migration process is also easy to do, namely through the hosting panel and customization at the domain registrar, so you don’t need to upload databases or files manually. You can find the steps and how to migrate in several articles on the Cloudways blog, so you can do it yourself. It only takes less than 24 hours, so you can complete the site migration process.

Unlimited Application

If you buy a hosting package here, one of the advantages that is not found in other hosting providers is the number of applications you need as you wish, especially for building websites. You can find several popular website platforms here, including:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Magento
  4. PHP
  5. Laravel
  6. Drupal
  7. Opencart
  8. PrestaShop
  9. Etc…

You can build a website according to your needs and the CMS you want to use. Applications like the one above are very popular platforms, both for building personal webs, company profiles, online stores, or other websites. Just a few clicks on the platform available on Cloudways, you are ready to use the platform, very easy and simple, even for those who don’t have any “coding skills”.

Management Team

In order to provide professional service for all Cloudways hosting customers, of course, you need a reliable technical support and management team who are ready to help if you experience problems or problems related to the service. Cloudways currently has a team consisting of experienced professionals, ranging from technical, billing, hardware, and software, as well as other support that is very important to support every service provided. You can contact the management team via live chat or personal email.

Dedicated Firewall

This feature is an important point in website security. With the “Firewall” feature, the possibility of a website being attacked by malware, hackers, viruses, or other attacks can be minimized, although this kind of condition can still occur. As one of the hosting providers that always prioritizes quality and service for its customers, Cloudways also provides these features in every hosting package they offer.

Auto Backup

Currently, almost all hosting providers are always equipped with backup features and facilities, either manually or automatically. Likewise for hosting packages from Cloudways, you can get auto-backup facilities, so you don’t have to worry about errors or data loss for any reason. And even more interesting, the backup system that comes with all packages is daily in duration, so your data will be even more secure. The process of activating this feature is also simple, just a few clicks through the hosting panel that is on your account.

Advance Cache Features

Do you frequently update your website? If so, then usually, the more frequently the website is updated, the performance will often decrease. To overcome this, Cloudways complements every hosting package with “Advance Cache” which is integrated with the Breeze plugin. Its use is quite easy, when you finish updating the website, you can refresh the Breeze plugin on your dashboard and also purge on the hosting panel. So all changes to the website, one of which the cache will be cleaned completely so that your website performance is not compromised.

Those are some of the main features of every hosting package offered by Cloudways. You can learn in more detail about each of these features, so you better understand the advantages of existing features and facilities, and in the end, you can decide which hosting package to buy according to your needs. For the next article, we will try to write other features available on Cloudways, be it hosting features, services, affiliate programs, payment methods, tips and tricks, and so on. If you want to know more about Cloudways, you can visit the “basic knowledge” of Cloudways hosting, where there is a lot of information and tutorials that you can follow if you want to buy a hosting package here.