The Most Complete Affiliate Training Course

What is the affiliate Bootcamp training course? Are you looking for the best affiliate training with complete features? Out there, a lot of affiliate Bootcamp that you can joint. One of the best that you can learn more with amazing support, responsive member, tons of module, and training, you can learn more for “wealthy affiliate” Bootcamp. There are many learning modules and training here, from basic to expert. On this occasion, I will provide all the information about affiliate Bootcamp so that you are increasingly convinced of the importance of learning affiliate marketing from now on. In this article we divide into 5 main tutorials, namely:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (5 phase tutorial with 50 lesson series)
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp (7 phase tutorial with 70 lesson series)
  3. My Training Activity (training activities that you have done)
  4. Training HQ (400+ training from CEO and affiliate Bootcamp member)
  5. Classroom (ask and question forums)

As for each tutorial above it consists of several lessons that can be followed, specifically for premium members. And each tutorial is still divided into several sub-lessons, like the list below:

Online Entrepreneur Certification

  1. Getting Started (10 lessons)
  2. How to Driving Traffics (10 lessons)
  3. Beginning Making Money (10 lessons)
  4. How to Optimize Social Media (10 lessons)
  5. Article Creation Step by Step (10 lesson)

Getting Started

In the first step before you start the “affiliate Bootcamp” training, there are some guidelines and introductions that you should know and learn as a foundation to move to the next stage. This step consists of 10 lessons in the form of articles, step by step, motivation, how to choose a niche to promote, and others. For more details, here is a list of lessons, including:

  1. Getting rolling
  2. Know how to make money online
  3. How to choose the right niche to promote
  4. Build your own website step by step
  5. How to set up your site
  6. Step by step submit your site to search engine
  7. Start creating useful content
  8. Create a custom menu for a website
  9. How to choose targeted keywords that convert
  10. Ready to the next step

You must really learn and understand each of the steps above. This guide is basic for you before moving to the next lesson. Each of the points above is very important to be studied seriously because it contains the basics of learning affiliates, especially if you member here, at affiliate Bootcamp.

How to Driving Traffics

One of the keys to success in online business is targeted “traffic”. The more traffic or website visitors, the greater the chance of success. How do you optimize your website so that you can bring quality traffic and they are ready to buy your product? In this lesson, the steps you will learn include:

  1. Choose domain as your brand
  2. Domain and hosting setting up
  3. Optimize keyword targeted for content
  4. Setting up your own personal email
  5. Traffic strategy from your content
  6. How to insert beautiful images in the content
  7. Choosing low competition keywords
  8. Setting up a personal user
  9. Scheduling your goal
  10. How to boost your affiliate Bootcamp rank

After passing session 1, then in this session, you start to make some arrangements to build a strong foundation, that’s a website that can be optimized, both from choosing a domain name, hosting, choosing keywords, email configuration, and several other steps. After understanding the steps, the next step is to practice it immediately.

Beginning Making Money

In this tutorial, you will get how to optimize a website so that you can make money. Many methods can be done in online business, especially by using a website, as taught in the “affiliate Bootcamp” that is here. Some guidelines for making money online through affiliate Bootcamp include:

  1. Understanding money on your online business
  2. How the affiliate program works
  3. Choose the type of affiliate program
  4. How to integrated affiliate network to your website
  5. Choose the best affiliate products easily
  6. Product review for your affiliate program
  7. How to get earning from your site through “paid program”
  8. Which the best program from your website
  9. How to investigate your site performance
  10. Reach your goal by following the above step

If you follow the steps above properly and correctly, practice it, then success can be achieved quickly. But there needs to be patience and also always learning, trial and error.

How to Optimize your Social Media

Nowadays almost everyone has a social media account, both used to build networks, business, share content, and also promote affiliate marketing. There is nothing wrong with that. The important thing is how to optimize the guidelines in “affiliate Bootcamp” so that your time can be more optimal in social media. In this lesson, you will get how to optimize social media for that purpose. What are the guidelines that you will get if you follow the Bootcamp? Here are some tutorials.

  1. How do social media work for your business
  2. Making your site engage through social media
  3. Boost your business using Facebook pages
  4. Optimize content using Pinterest
  5. How to engage business through Twitter
  6. Optimize your site on Google
  7. Benefit social engage on WA affiliate Bootcamp
  8. How to build social branding
  9. Optimize your goal using wealthy affiliate Bootcamp
  10. Focus only one niche

Using social media to optimize online business is a way that can be used to introduce products to the online community. Some platforms like the above are widely used by business people to better introduce these products to customers. You can also do the same thing through social media.

Write Article Step by Step

One method for bringing traffic to a website is to regularly write articles that are useful for visitors. How to write articles that are good and right and can solve problems for your visitor? In this guide, you will be guided to write useful articles, including:

  1. Write useful articles regularly
  2. Make an article writing plan
  3. Guide to writing good articles
  4. How to optimize articles
  5. Analyze data through statistics
  6. Update potential articles
  7. Link articles with products
  8. Increase other content
  9. Do it gradually every process above
  10. Measure “ROI” for each article

From some of the steps above, then you can start optimizing each article written so that it can bring traffic to your website. It takes hard work so that the article can be indexed by Google. Some strategies that can be done, such as “add URL” for each URL link to the Google search console.

Affiliate Bootcamp

  1. Getting Business Rolling (10 lessons)
  2. Content, Keywords, and Conversion (10 lessons)
  3. Get the Value from Your Social Site (10 lessons)
  4. Get a Brand from Media (10 lessons)
  5. Know More Your Target Audience (10 lessons)
  6. How to Optimize your Bing Search and PPC Campaign (10 lessons)
  7. How to Analyze your PPC Campaign (10 lessons)

Getting Business Rolling

To start a business, for example, an online business, affiliate marketing, and other online businesses, the first thing to do is to determine the goals of the business. As in the first module, business rolling is divided into several lessons and tutorials, including:

  1. How to getting started
  2. How to choose the best direction
  3. Wealthy affiliate features to build your website
  4. Starting to set up your first website
  5. Choose the best plugin for your website
  6. How to optimize your site for “SEO” purpose
  7. Step by step writing article procedure
  8. Keyword research for content
  9. How to getting a review
  10. Reach your journey

In this lesson, you will be taught in more detail from each step above. The guides are in the form of tutorials, videos, step by step, and also through live chat forums. In order to get maximum results, it should be followed by practice, so you can find out if there are still errors.

Content, Keywords, and Conversion

This guide only focuses on how to write good, interesting, informative articles, and also provides solutions for your visitor. The thing to remember when you create an article is, write it for humans, not for robots “search engines”, so that your writing is easily understood by readers. Some of the tutorials that you meet in this section include:

  1. How to create content that converts
  2. How to use affiliate link in your content
  3. How to choose the low competition keyword in content
  4. Create a review using targeted keywords
  5. Stay to learn for the next tutorial
  6. How to backup your site
  7. How to customize your site layout
  8. Writing more content strategies
  9. Share it your content
  10. Prepare for the next lesson

From each of the above tutorials, you are expected to be able to write articles that are truly informative and solutive, and can provide many benefits. Each article must meet the “SEO” standard so that it can easily appear in search engines, Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Get the Value from Your Social Site

One method for promoting websites is through social media. There are several social media that can be used for these purposes, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, and other platforms. But to promote a website using social media, you need the right guidelines so that your steps are not in vain. In this tutorial, what you will learn to include:

  1. Install the social plugin for your website
  2. Build Facebook fan pages
  3. How to create viral content
  4. Don’t waste your time on social
  5. Complete your social task efficient
  6. Scheduling your time on the social platform
  7. How to synchronize your site with Google analytics
  8. Leverage Jaaxy affiliate program
  9. Making promotional method using banner
  10. Build, action, doing, work hard, and success

After you have a website and write a few articles, the next step is to promote the website through social media, link it with data analysis, and other optimization methods so that your article can be viral.

Get a Brand from Media

In this lesson learn more about how to improve website design and layout to make it more attractive, lightweight, easily accessible, and has a good ranking in search engines. There are 10 tutorials that must be learned so that the maximum results. Each tutorial presented here is in the form of articles, webinars, videos, step by step, and several other tutorials that you can get through live chat or forums. Here’s a list of tutorials:

  1. Web design introduction
  2. How important of Images in your site
  3. Leverage wealthy affiliate video
  4. How to create a beautiful logo
  5. Break and relax
  6. Create Jaaxy review
  7. Trying to use “Jaaxy” keyword research tool
  8. How to optimize your Pinterest account
  9. Create amazing your own video
  10. Customer perspective engage

From some of the tutorials above, you will learn everything related to optimizing the appearance of a website, starting from the custom front end, choosing images and sizes, creating logos, trying out features in the Jaaxy tool, and several other guides that can be found in it.

Know More Your Target Audience

When you write an article or build a website, then you must know the target audience you want to go to. This is to streamline promotions through “online media”, be it websites, social media, videos, images, articles, or some other features that you can use. To find out your target audience, you must first know the niche of the website you have, then determine the target audience. Here is a list that you can learn through affiliate Bootcamp, especially regarding the target audience.

  1. Create content with your intent
  2. Getting your comment to convert
  3. Use your video channel as “traffics resource”
  4. Optimize your youtube video using a keyword tool
  5. Break for the next step
  6. Optimize the power of referral tool
  7. Build an affiliate sign up form
  8. Help your audience to solve their problem
  9. Create sign up video subscription
  10. Analyze your results and progress

From some of the implementations and guidelines above, you can find out your target audience, how to get it, methods and strategies for promoting content, and prepare to follow the next guide.

How to Optimize your Bing Search and PPC Campaign

In addition to Google, several other search engines you also need to know, such as Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu, and others. Some of these search engines have a source of the traffic to the website around 30%, so it’s good for optimization. In addition, to bring in traffic, you can use “paid traffic. In affiliate Bootcamp, there are also tutorials about paid traffic, for example Bing ads and Google ads. For more details, here are some tutorials that can be learned, namely:

  1. Introduction Bing PPC campaign
  2. Learn more about Yahoo and Bing submit URL
  3. How to create account on Bing ads
  4. Create your first PPC campaign
  5. Break to learn more you do
  6. Creating an ads group on your PPC account
  7. Setting up conversion tracking
  8. The right set up for your SEO and PPC
  9. Real creative with your keywords
  10. Analyze your PPC campaign and journey

From the guidelines above, it is hoped that you will be able to promote websites or products through “paid traffics”, one of which is Bing ads. Need to learn more about this method so that the results are maximum and efficient, especially in terms of the budget that you spend.

How to Analyze and Optimize your PPC Campaign

In the affiliate Bootcamp guide, specifically optimizing PPC campaigns, the tutorial that will be given is still about creating a PPC account, optimizing, managing budget, and tracking PPC campaigns with the ROI that you achieve. For more details, here are some tutorials that can be followed, including:

  1. Blasting your affiliate earning using PPC
  2. Understanding Google Ads opportunity
  3. Maximize review pages using PPC
  4. Best affiliate analysis
  5. Build a relevance website
  6. Analyze your converting campaign
  7. Choose direct link and not direct link
  8. Calculate the business model of PPC
  9. Optimize your PPC ads
  10. Create long term plan through PPC

From some of the tutorials above, you can use the “paid traffic” method to get conversions, both your own product or an affiliate. The PPC method is a simple and quick step to get targeted traffics with high conversion rates, but it must be able to adjust your budget.

My Training Activity

This session contains training activities that you have participated in. In this menu, you will see what training you have taken, when, what type of training, and activities you have participated in, especially affiliate Bootcamp. With the “history activities” then you easily know, which modules you have not participated in, and which ones have.

Training HQ

Through this menu, you can search for all types of training and tutorials, both in the form of videos, webinars, step by step article, and others. This menu contains all things related to affiliate Bootcamp, website, SEO, promotional methods, content writer, and many more. Until now, there have been around 400+ tutorials that you can learn from. The tutorial here is made by the admin of Wealthy Affiliate and also the members. You can also make a tutorial, with a note that you have been a premium member for at least 3 months.


Is part of “HQ training”. Here you can participate in discussion forums, can ask questions, provide answers, and also as an admin. Some topics that are often discussed include WordPress, websites, content writers, SEO, Google ranking, Hosting, and domains. Through the “classroom” menu you can interact with fellow members, ask questions, or view discussions that have already been held.

Similarly, some general descriptions of the material and tutorials that you can learn if you follow “affiliate Bootcamp”. To try this feature, you can join as a free member for 7 days. If you feel that you have many benefits, you can upgrade to a premium member. The cost to become a monthly premium member is only $ 45.