Top 10 The Best WordPress Plugin

To optimize a website, especially a website that use WordPress CMS, some customization is needed. The simplest and easiest way for website optimization is to use a plugin. In this article, I will share top 10 the best WordPress plugins that you can try, where each plugin has different functions according to your needs. There are plugins that work for SEO optimization, plugins for front end builders, social media sharing, plugins to speed up website loading, and so on.

The plugin that I will share here is the best WordPress plugin and is already widely used by bloggers. So you don’t need to worry. For more details about the plugin, here are the plugin details that you can try.


Is one of the very popular free plugins. This is evidenced by the number of downloads of more than 5 million times and has more than 5,000 positive reviews. Elementor plugin functions are generally used to customize the front end appearance of a website, especially WordPress. Using this plugin is also very easy, just drag and drop. There are many menus that you can use. For the basic menu, features that you can use include:

  1. Inner Section
  2. Heading: used to create a header in the text box
  3. Images: You can add images to the website’s display easily, drag and drop
  4. Text Editor: to make text like a text editor on WordPress
  5. Video: function to add Youtube links on the website
  6. Button: this facility is used to add buttons to certain areas
  7. Divider: functions as a separator between columns
  8. Spacers: used to adjust the distance between the top and bottom columns
  9. Google Maps: to display maps on your page
  10. Icon: widely used for web company profile, especially in front end features

As for the other general menus that are no less interesting and easy to use are also quite a lot. All the menus below are free and very powerful to enhance the appearance of your website, like a professional. What are the menus? Here are the details.

  1. Images Box
  2. Icon Box
  3. Star Rating
  4. Image Carousel
  5. Basic Gallery
  6. Icon List
  7. Counter
  8. Progress Bar
  9. Testimonial
  10. Tabs
  11. Accordion
  12. Toggle
  13. Social Icon
  14. Alert Menu
  15. Soundcloud
  16. Shortcode
  17. HTML
  18. Anchor Menu
  19. Sidebar
  20. Read More

If your website functions as eCommerce, it can be synchronized by adding a Woocommerce addon. But unfortunately, this addon is a premium addon that is sold separately. From the list above, I think it’s enough to do some customization of the front end display to make it more beautiful and attractive.

All in One SEO

If you want to optimize a website in a search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing, one of the free SEO plugins that you can use, one of which is the All in One SEO. Although there are paid features, this plugin with a free feature is also quite adequate. Besides of course many other SEO plugins that you can choose from. The features in this plugin really help you in optimizing your website. Some of the arrangements in it are quite easy to understand and also be practiced. For more details, here are some key features of All in One SEO, including:

  1. General Setting: consists of several options, including a license key, canonical URL, original title, and pagination for canonical URL.
  2. Home Page Settings: consists of several settings, namely home title, home description, home keywords, and static front pages instead.
  3. Title Setting: in this menu, there are many choices, and it is recommended not to make changes to this section. Some choices in the title setting include home page title format, page title format, post title format, category title format, archive title format, date format, tag title, and several other settings. This section is very critical, so you don’t need to make changes in it.
  4. Content-Type Setting: used to make settings related to SEO. Which parts do you want to optimize, whether posts or pages or both? Some options in this section include posts, pages, media, elements, user requests, blocks, and elements.
  5. Display Settings: functions the same as content type settings.
  6. Webmaster Verification: functions to synchronize analytics tools, starting from Google search console, Bing webmaster, Pinterest, Yandex webmaster, and also Baidu.
  7. Google Analytics: You can link your analytics account through this plugin.
  8. Noindex Settings: contains several settings for choosing which pages may be indexed, and which pages may not be indexed by search engines.
  9. Keyword Settings: several options in this menu include keywords, categories for meta keywords, tags for meta keywords, and generate keywords for posts and pages.
  10. XML Sitemap: serves to make it easier for search engines to crawl every page on a website. Also functions to submit URLs automatically or manually. With XML sitemap, every page on your website will be easily indexed by Google.

By making the right settings on the All in One SEO plugin, the website optimization process to get a good ranking in the search engine becomes easier.

Wordfence Security

This plugin works for scanning your website WordPress CMS-based. The main function of this plugin is quite complete, where almost all of its features function to protect your website from malware attacks, malicious traffics, bots, backdoor, theme and plugin scanning, and many other functions. For more details, the following features that you can find in the Wordfence Security plugin, namely:

  1. Theme and plugin scanning: if you use a dangerous theme or plugin and lots of malware in it, this plugin is capable of scanning thoroughly. The scanning feature in it is very useful for knowing the location of infected files, either by malware, viruses, bots, or backdoor attacks.
  2. Web Firewall: used to overcome traffic bots that can cause a server down due to the many traffics that lead to a website. By using this plugin, the bot traffics can be easily identified and will then be blocked by IP.
  3. Limited login attempts: this feature works if someone or injection software tries to log into your dashboard. If you set it, then if several times an error occurs in the login, the IP will automatically be blocked.
  4. File repair: serves to repair if the file manager has a corrupted script, resulting in websites often experience errors, down, or blank pages.

Those are some features that you can find in the Wordfence plugin. And there are many other features that you can optimize. If you subscribe to premium Wordfence, you can get some of the other best features.

Shortcode Ultimate

This plugin is a front end builder, free, and is one of the most popular plugins. By using the Shortcode Ultimate, you can enhance the appearance of a website’s front end. There are many features that can be used, ranging from tables, galleries, videos, social media, animation, carousel, and other interesting features. Here are some features that can be used from these plugins.

  1. Carousel Image: usually used at the front of the homepage, and serves to enhance the appearance of the website. Carousel is a moving image (sliding) consisting of several images. In the carousel menu, you can make several settings, starting from the image size, slide speed, caption placement, hover, and several other settings.
  2. Column: is a feature that you can use to create columns on a web page, where you can insert objects in the form of text, images, videos, or other using shortcodes. This feature is also often used on the front page of a website.
  3. Tabs: if you want to create a table of many choices, the “tabs” menu is highly recommended. You can set the number of tabs you want to make, write the title for each tab, and also set the color of each border in the tabs.
  4. And many other interesting features that you can use to enhance your website’s appearance.

For more details about the existing features, here are some lists that we have summarized:

  1. Posts
  2. Lightbox
  3. Accordion
  4. Button
  5. Spoilers
  6. Slider
  7. Box
  8. Custom Gallery
  9. Icon
  10. Table
  11. Panel
  12. Divider
  13. Content Slider
  14. List
  15. Pricing Table
  16. Animation
  17. Youtube
  18. Label
  19. Service
  20. Parallax
  21. Google Maps
  22. Spacers
  23. Progress Bar
  24. And others

But of all the features, you don’t have to use them all. Choose what you really need and can also be adjusted to your website template, whether it is supported if the plugin is installed, or it can actually cause a crash.

Really Simple SSL

One of the determining factors in SEO optimization is the security features of a website. To identify a website that is safe or not you can usually find out with SSL. To install SSL, you must first install the SSL plugin. This plugin is included in the security category, where its function is to activate the SSL certificate facility that is on your website. But to install this plugin, make sure your hosting is integrated with the SSL facility itself. If the SSL installation is successful, usually in your browser, the domain address starts with “https”.

Classic Editor

If you are first installing WordPress, usually the default text editor (Gutenberg). For those who are not familiar with using this text editor, it will be difficult when editing or writing articles. To make it easier to write articles in a text editor, one way is to install the classic editor plugin. This plugin will change the default appearance to a classic text editor as in previous versions of WordPress. Facilities and features in the classic editor are not much different from the existing text editor, so it is quite easy to use.

Contact Form 7

Contact form plugin functions to build interaction between website owners and visitors. By using the contact form, you can collect visitor data, such as email addresses and names. Although there are features on the contact form you can customize, for example by adding some elements to the form. Some of the benefits of the contact form include:

  1. Survey form
  2. Used as an order form on the online store
  3. Build an email list or email marketing
  4. As a form of customer satisfaction

And some other functions that you can get with the contact form. To do some customization as you wish, you need a little programming ability to make settings on the form menu you want to make.


For those of you who want to create an online store, you must install the Woocommerce plugin. Usually, if you use premium themes, this plugin is already installed in it, so you only need to activate the plugin. Woocommerce plugins are very popular for those who have online shops. Until now it has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Its features are fairly complete for managing online stores, making this plugin highly recommended. Some of the features that you can find on Woocommerce plugins include:

  1. Product features, carts, and checkout pages: functions to add new products that are directly integrated with other menus, namely cart, checkout, shipping, and quantity. From some of these features, you can also choose which features you want to deactivate.
  2. Payment gateway by credit card: payment systems using credit cards are very commonly used. Besides being easy, fast, and safe, credit card facilities also provide many benefits for sellers and buyers, such as coupon codes and some other attractive offers. With some of the existing settings on Woocommerce, you can integrate online stores with payment systems that use credit cards. But to ensure the safety of its users, make sure your website is equipped with layered security features.
  3. Shipping options: with the delivery feature integrated with Woocommerce, it will be easier for the seller of the product to send the items sold. Besides shipping options, the features included are shipping costs based on the location of the buyer.
  4. Customize Store extension: with this facility, a seller can make several other settings such as product subscription, membership, booking, and others.

Another advantage that you can find in the Woocommerce plugin is the large collection of addons that function to optimize the eCommerce functions that you manage.

W3 Total Cache

Is your website loading slow? Maybe this is caused by cache settings that are not optimal on the website. W3 Total Cache includes a special plugin category to speed up website loading. Some settings that can be adjusted on this plugin are very complex and diverse, so it is highly recommended by bloggers. This plugin is also very popular and is one of the recommended plugins to be installed on a WordPress-based website. What can you find in this plugin? Following the review.

  1. Caching: This feature functions to cache some of the facilities that are in Wordpres, including database cache, images, object cache, and several other settings. If you make adjustments to this menu, the speed of your website can be increased easily.
  2. Minify: this feature is also very important to increase website speed. Minify settings can be done on CSS, Javascript, HTML, and some settings that can be adjusted. If you are familiar with CSS and Javascript, there are many benefits you can get, including disabling some features that are not needed.
  3. CDN Integration: if you use the CDN facility for website speed, the features in w3 Total cache can also be integrated, so that the website speed can be optimized.

With the correct settings on each menu, it is not impossible if your website can be faster. Because we know, one of the factors that influence search engine ranking is the “speed loading” of a website.

Smush Image Compression

Usually, every article in a post is always accompanied by a picture. Either the picture serves as a compliment or serves as a guide and tutorial that must be displayed. But often there are still many bloggers who do not pay attention to the size of an image in the article, thus affecting the speed of the website.

One way to speed up the website is not reduced because of the many images in each article, then one way is to reduce the size of the image using the image compression plugin. Smush plugin is the best choice for image compression. With this plugin, you can later reduce the file size by a few percents, so it is very useful to save your hosting storage.

Similarly, some explanations about the types of plugins that you must know to further optimize your website, especially to increase search engine rankings. And certainly, almost all of these plugins are free. Some premium plugins are usually only limited to addons and some features of the plugin. From the list of plugins above, you can adjust it to your needs, for example, if your website is an online store, it is mandatory to install Woocommerce. Look for plugins that are quite popular, so you can make sure they are of high quality.