Top 10 WordPress Affiliate Plugin

Are you currently running an affiliate business? What method is used to promote the affiliate business? There are many methods that can be done to promote affiliate products, one of them by using a website. Currently, the most widely used website platform is “WordPress CMS”. Besides being easy, this platform also supports many plugins. If you have an affiliate product, maybe a list of the top 10 affiliate plugins like below can be your consideration to support the promotion of that product. What plugins can you use? Here’s the list:

For more details about the function of each plugin, I will explain in the description below. Each plugin has a different function, but it is still related to “affiliate”, either affiliate marketing, affiliate links, or online shops. From some of these plugins, and after you read every description that I provide, you can choose the one that suits your website needs. And not to worry, because all these plugins are “free”, so you can try one by one.

Affiliates Manager

If your website promotes affiliate products and wants to easily manage them, you must try this one plugin. Affiliates Manager, is one of the special plugins to help you promote affiliate products. Many advantages you can get from this plugin, one of which is a feature that is quite complete and powerful. Its use is also very easy. What are the features that you can get on this “affiliates manager” plugin? Here are the advantages of the features in it.

  1. Customize affiliate recruitment
  2. Registration form
  3. Login features
  4. Management process
  5. Affiliate referral tracking

In addition to the benefits of the above features, the plugin affiliate manager can also be integrated with several eCommerce features. There are many eCommerce features that you can synchronize, including:

  1. Simple shopping cart
  2. Woocommerce
  3. eCommerce WP
  4. Digital download
  5. Payment gateway
  6. iThemes
  7. And other eCommerce from the third party

With so many benefits as above, this plugin is worth trying. As of this writing, more than 10,000+ users have downloaded this plugin. This proves that this plugin is very powerful to support your affiliate promotion.

ThirstyAffiliates Affiliate Link Manager

This plugin has the main function, which is “URL cloaking” for your affiliate link. By installing this plugin, you can do custom for affiliate links to make it look more natural and also liked by search engines. Its use is also easy, and interestingly, you can create links as desired. To be clear about some of the functions of “affiliate link manager”, the following features can be used:

  1. Customize link cloaking
  2. Simple and easy to used
  3. Better link management
  4. Safe redirect link
  5. No link clashes
  6. Add images to your affiliate link
  7. Click statistic and affiliate report

Affiliate link manager there are two versions, which are free and paid. But for starters, you can use the free version because it’s quite complete to accommodate your affiliate promotions.


One of the advantages of this “affiliate” plugin is that it is compatible with all WordPress themes without customizing the layout. There are several features that you can use to support the promotion and also manage dashboards related to various affiliate products. Very easy to use, simple, and able to provide significant profits. There are several features that you can optimize, including:

  1. Integrated with all eCommerce platforms
  2. Membership features
  3. Lead generating and tracking
  4. Provide affiliate systems for sellers, distributors, blogs, and microsites

This version of the plugin consists of two types, free and paid. If this is your first time using this plugin, it is recommended to try the free version. After you get the significant benefits, you can upgrade to the paid version. What are the full features of both versions, you can directly visit the official site “affiliates” plugin for detailed features?

Easy Affiliate Links

Until now, the “easy affiliate links” plugin has been downloaded by more than 10,000+ users. This indicates that this plugin is good enough to optimize your affiliate products. There are many interesting features that can be explored, the settings are easy and user friendly, simple, and also compatible with several add-ons, one of which is e-commerce. The following features you should know and try them.

  1. Fully compatible with classic editor and Gutenberg
  2. Easy create affiliate cloak link
  3. Easy customize affiliate link in visual and HTML editor
  4. Tracking affiliate link click
  5. Easy import your affiliate link from excel

The above features are very easy to use, especially if you have long been in affiliate marketing and also manage WordPress. For how to install the plugin is also easy, like installing plugins in general, which is to install, activate, and settings on the menu.

Amazon Auto Links

Are you currently promoting Amazon products? How to do it? The easiest way to promote Amazon products is to join as an “affiliate” marketing that offers many products from various categories. To run the program, the simplest way is to install the “Amazon Auto Links” plugin. Up to the present, this plugin has been downloaded by 10,000+ users with positive reviews.

If you are currently still promoting Amazon products manually, you can run all of these plugins automatically. You only need to install, activate, and then make some settings. Here are some features that you can find on the plugin, and are very powerful, including:

  1. Migrate from Amazon associate link builder
  2. Display selected products in your post
  3. Supporting all Amazon associates
  4. Works without Javascript
  5. Auto insertion in a web post
  6. Auto link conversion
  7. Sidebar widget
  8. Shortcode insertion
  9. Customize click button
  10. Filtering unwanted product to show
  11. Various unit options
  12. Language supported (English, Japanese, Germany)

Besides being supported by a very complete feature, if you experience difficulties in setting these features, the official website ( is equipped with guides and steps for setting any desired features.


Besides functioning as an “online store” plugin, you can also use Woocommerce to promote affiliate products. If you have used this plugin, in the settings menu there is an “affiliate link” option that can be linked to the affiliate URL of the product you are promoting. Until now, the “Woocommerce” plugin has been downloaded by 5,000,000+ users. Some of the main features that can be used include:

  1. Customize product, cart, and checkout pages
  2. Secure payment alternative
  3. Setting up shipping options
  4. Choose layout design
  5. And many more customization features

Even more interesting, Woocommerce can also be integrated with several add-ons to complement the online store or affiliate product facilities that you want to promote.

Auto Affiliate Links

You’re looking for a plugin that automatically links to affiliate products, such as Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, etc.? Auto affiliate links can be the best alternative. This plugin can automatically link your affiliate links according to keywords. But there are also settings manually if you want to link affiliate links according to the desired keywords.

Internal Link Juicer

This plugin is intended to build “internal links” as part of SEO, especially on-page SEO. Some of the benefits that you can get with this plugin, you do not need to link manually to certain web pages. All you have to do is a few settings to target the keywords you want to optimize. Some other benefits of this plugin are:

  1. Automation link
  2. Link pages full control
  3. Customize output link
  4. Configure link behavior
  5. Perfect workflow
  6. Best possible performance
  7. Built for SEO affiliate
  8. Easy to setting up
  9. Simple plugin

If you are currently just building a website and don’t yet have stable traffic, using this plugin is not recommended. This is because “Google update” that still has not indexed your website much, so the results are less than optimal.

WP Ultimate Review

Want to get a review on posts or product pages? You need to install this plugin. Yes, “WP Ultimate Review” is a plugin that can be used by affiliate marketers to increase customer confidence. With this plugin, it is expected to increase sales conversions, especially affiliate products. Some of the main features that can be used in this plugin include:

  1. Customize global review in your blog
  2. Accept and custom managing review for user
  3. Various rating style for best performance
  4. Custom additional review field
  5. Customize maximum score for review

This plugin you can use for free. Until now, the number of users has reached 6,000+ and is still growing. If you want to try to increase responsiveness in affiliate products, maybe installing the “WP Ultimate Review” plugin can be one of the best alternatives you can choose.

WooCommerce External Product New Tab

This plugin is very simple, especially the existing feature settings. The main function of the new “Woocommerce external product” tab plugin is to link the affiliate link to your affiliate external link, which is to the affiliate page. To use this plugin, as usual, all you have to do is install, then activate, and the plugin is ready to use. One of the requirements to install this plugin, you must first install the “Woocommerce” plugin in order to synchronize and function properly. This plugin you can use for free.

Those are some types of plugins related to “affiliate marketing” that you can install on WordPress. There are still many similar plugins that you can use. However, from all the plugins, choose what suits you. You don’t need to install everything, because it will make your website slow when loading.