What Are the Features in WordPress Hosting?

Want to build a website with the best performance? To make it happen, then before building a website, you must consider several factors, for example choosing a domain name, choosing a hosting plan, and the type of CMS used. For example, if you want to build a website with WordPress CMS, then you can choose WordPress hosting, and find out what are the features in WordPress hosting.

In this article, I assume you already have a domain and determine the CMS to use. Well, on this occasion I will explain the hosting plan that is specifically used for websites, namely WordPress hosting. If you have never used hosting, still not familiar with hosting features, so in this article, everything will be explained in detail. What can you know about this hosting features? Here are some important points before deciding to use a type of hosting, including:

Thus several lists of features in this hosting. After reading in detail about the features and benefits contained in WordPress hosting, then you can determine, approximately which hosting package will be used. For more details about the explanation of each item above, the following summary.

Number of Sites

If you want to buy a hosting package, then the first consideration is how many domains can be added for the hosting plan. Each hosting package has a different number of domains that can be added. For example for hosting plan A (1 domain), for hosting plan B (2 domains), and for hosting plan C (unlimited domain). Therefore, before deciding to choose one hosting plan, especially for WordPress hosting, do you have plans in the future to have multiple domains? If later you have a plan to build several websites, then you can choose the unlimited domain hosting package.

Visitor Limit

In addition to the number of domains, usually, each hosting package also has a limit to the number of monthly visitors allowed. For example, hosting package A (maximum 100K visitors), hosting package B (maximum 200K visitors), as well as hosting package C (maximum 500K visitors). Of the number of visitors, if you want to be free to determine the traffic to your website, it is advisable to choose a WordPress hosting plan with the biggest visitor limit. Visitor limits are usually in the form of bandwidth capacity. What is the bandwidth capacity offered by the hosting company?

Backup Features

Having hosting is indeed often faced with many unexpected risks, such as hackers, malware, errors, and other problems that you may face. To deal with these conditions, then you need to save the data that is on the website so that if at any time the problem occurs as above, you are not worried anymore. One common way to save data on a website is to choose the best hosting that is equipped with a “backup” facility that is able to do this, as well as other backup features, such as daily, weekly and monthly backups. With the backup facility provided by the hosting company, so if at any time a problem occurs, then you just have to restore it.

For backup features also have limitations, for example, 2 GB, 3 GB, and 5 GB depending on the hosting package you have. The more files and databases, the greater the need for backup capacity, and this automatically costs to subscribe to hosting you have to spend. The solution to overcome this is to use several plugins to compress files, whether image or video files.

SSL Security

At present, one important factor in a website is the “SSL Certificate” which shows that the website is secure and encrypted. In addition, the SSL feature is also very influential on SEO, because according to Google’s algorithm, security is very important in a website. How do you identify that the website is equipped with SSL? To find out, all you have to do is check the browser website, if there is a sign “green padlock” on the left side of your browser.

There are many hosting services that provide SSL for free on all hosting packages, one of which is HostGator. All WordPress hosting packages include an “SSL certificate” so you can activate the feature. The way is easy, you just have to install the “really simple SSL plugin”, activate it, then you can activate the SSL feature.

Domain Services

If you already have a domain and want to transfer to the hosting company that you will use, make sure that the hosting package includes a free “domain transfer” service, so that later, your domain and hosting are in one hosting company. This makes it easier to make a configuration, one of which is the subscription fee that must be paid.

The process of transferring a domain from a domain registrar takes about 24 hours. For the transfer process, you can contact the domain registrar to get the EPP code so that the domain transfer process can run smoothly.

Load time

Everyone wants a “fast loading” website, and so does Google. Just like the SSL feature, fast loading on a website is very influential on SEO. Slow websites are difficult to compete in search engines. Many factors affect the speed of the website, for example, the type of server used, the location of the data center with the target visitors, the type of WordPress template used, and also the WordPress hosting package that you use.

To get the load time as desired (fast, stable, secure, and mobile-friendly), then you have to make sure which WordPress hosting matches the criteria. Here you have to check the facilities provided, starting from the supporting hardware and software. As for the location of the server, you can choose a hosting server that is close to your target visitor.

Control Panel (cPanel)

After you buy a hosting package, then you can access the control panel to run the website by doing some settings in it. In the control panel, you will find many menus that can be used, including:

  1. File manager
  2. Email client
  3. Web builder
  4. Software installer
  5. PHP admin
  6. Addon domain
  7. And other features

For an explanation of the features in cPanel, we will explain one by one in detail for next article, so that you will understand more about the features and functions.

Website Migration

One feature that can also be found on hosting or other hosting packages is the “website migration” feature. With this feature, you can move all website content that is currently placed on other hosting providers. But what must be remembered is, not all website migration provides free facilities, because usually there are limits on how many websites can be migrated for free. Usually, if the website you want to move is only one website, there is no charge, its free.

Malware and Virus Scan Feature

As one of the crucial facilities on a website, make sure the hosting plan that you use must have a “malware removal” feature to clean the website from possible viruses or malware. This feature will function automatically or manually, depending on the hosting settings. After scanning, there will usually give a report about the results of the scan, whether found any malware, viruses, or errors on the website.

Some information generated from scanning include country of origin, IP, type of virus or malware, database errors, errors in files, and also some website disruption that may occur. To maximize scanning, you can also use plugins that are widely available on the official WordPress site.

Storage Capacity

Hosting capacity should also be noted. Storage capacity is a limit for data and files that can be stored on the hosting server. There are several storage capacity options, depending on the chosen WordPress hosting package, starting from 50GB, 100GB, or unlimited. The more files that are on the website, the more it will consume storage capacity hosting. If you are just starting to build a website that does not yet have many visitors or data on the website, choosing a hosting package with a small capacity might be an option for now.

Email Account

Want to seriously run a business? Having a personal email can be one of the supporting facilities of your business. If you want to look more professional, having a personal email with a domain name can give a value itself when compared to using “free email” like Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail. Although there is no prohibition on using free email. Do not worry, because at this time, almost all hosting services, already provide email account features, so you can create a personal email, for example, name@yourdomain.com.

Each hosting package provides this facility. The difference is only in the number of email accounts that can be created. For example, if the cheapest hosting package can create 2 email accounts, a medium package 5 email accounts, and the most expensive package can create unlimited accounts. From some of these capacities, please choose the hosting capacity according to your business needs.

iNode Capacity

iNode is a WordPress hosting facility found in cPanel and functions to store files up to a certain capacity, for example, 100,000, 200,000, and so on. The thing to remember is the difference between file capacity and storage capacity. The two menus are different, so you should pay attention so you don’t get the wrong perception. The more number of files there are in the file manager, the capacity of iNode is also reduced. One solution to save the capacity of iNode is to delete files that are not used.

Thus some explanation in broad outline about what features you will get if you buy hosting for WordPress, both the cheapest, medium, and most expensive hosting packages. All of the features in hosting you can maximize its functions so that it can provide benefits from the business side. For the next article, I will explain the function of each item in cPanel hosting. By continuing to learn about these features, of course, you will become more familiar with hosting is, what features are in it, what it is for, how much it costs per month to subscribe, and many more benefits that you can take when manage your host independently.