WordPress Hosting with Complete Features

Currently, websites that use the WordPress platform are widely used. Nearly 60% more websites in the world use WordPress as CMS. To support a stable and powerful website performance, it is necessary to support a reliable WordPress Hosting. Although some hosting packages offered by hosting companies are currently quite diverse, ranging from shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS, or dedicated hosting, but the WordPress hosting package is still one of the best choices. This is because of the completeness of the features of the hosting.

Why is WordPress hosting better quality compared to shared hosting? This is because the features and hosting facilities that are in it are more and better when compared to shared hosting. And in terms of price is also not much different. If you want to buy a hosting package that is specifically used for WordPress, here is an overview of hosting packages that are offered. For example, I will give an overview of hosting packages from HostGator.

Starter Plan

This one package is the best choice for beginners who are just learning to build a website. This package consists of several facilities, as in the details below:

  1. Use only for 1 domain
  2. The maximum visitor capacity is around 100,000 visitors, a very large number for starting websites
  3. For website security purposes if an error occurs, available backup facilities up to 1GB
  4. Equipped with a free SSL certificate facility to support website security
  5. You will also get a free domain facility with the extension (.com)
  6. If you have to host elsewhere, you will get free migration
  7. Auto malware removal to guarantee a safe and stable website
  8. Support hardware with high specifications

Maybe for beginners who are just creating a website, often find obstacles in determining a suitable hosting package and an affordable price. For hosting packages from Hostgator, the cost per month is very affordable and cheap, only in the range of USD 6, quite affordable, right? If you are already familiar with various hosting features, and your website has also begun to grow, especially the number of visitors, you can upgrade to other hosting packages, such as the Standard plan.

When viewed in terms of facilities and features of a standard plan package, it is generally the same as a starter plan package, which distinguishes only in terms of capacity, bigger and more powerful. For more details, here are the details of a standard plan specifically for WordPress Hosting.

Standard Plan

With a monthly subscription fee of only USD 8, you will get a hosting package with quality hardware and software, so that your website’s performance remains stable. Here are some specifications that you get if you subscribe to hosting at HostGator.

  1. Maximum website up to 2 domain
  2. Average traffic is allowed up to 200,000 visitors per month
  3. Free site migration up to 2 websites
  4. Daily backup facility with a capacity up to 2 GB, with the addition of a restore feature
  5. Just like the starter package, the standard plan also features malware removal facilities
  6. Even more interesting, the standard plan package offers unlimited storage capacity
  7. If you want to advertise on Google Ads, you will get free credit for USD 100
  8. Free SSL certificate feature to support website security

Choosing a hosting package is indeed the right choice, especially if your website continues to increase, both in terms of the number of visitors and the need for higher performance. Want to upgrade to a more powerful package you can do it in just a few clicks.

Business Plan

This WordPress hosting package is usually used by agencies that manage multiple websites in one account. With a monthly subscription fee of around USD 10, you can get hosting features with many advantages not found in the other package, the starter plan, and the standard plan. Want to know what are the advantages of a WordPress hosting business package? Here are the specifications that you will get if you subscribe to the package.

  1. Manage up to 3 websites
  2. The number of traffic up to 500,000 visits per month. A very large number of visitor
  3. Free migration up to 3 websites
  4. Daily backup capacity up to 3 GB
  5. Website security facility with auto-backup feature
  6. Unlimited storage capacity
  7. Free SSL certificate and also Google ads credit coupons

The best hosting package with several options above is perfect for you, both used as a personal blog, company profile, online shop, and other website needs. From the explanation above, especially regarding the package that you can choose for WordPress hosting, some of the advantages that you can feel the benefits, include:

Very Fast Speed

Currently, the speed of a website is absolutely necessary. Especially since the latest Google algorithm, where the speed factor of a website is one very important point. If your website is slow, it is difficult to get rankings on search engines. The solution? Choose web hosting that has a stable speed. The advantages of WordPress hosting you will not found in shared hosting.

Best Security Features

To guarantee a safe website, this hosting is equipped with the best security features, so that your website remains safe from hackers, malware, viruses, and also dDos ​​that might attack at any time. Security features are usually done routinely scanning, for example daily, weekly, and also monthly scanning.

Up to Date Software

In order to provide comfort to every customer, the WordPress hosting package is also equipped with the latest software that adapts to your needs. The features contained therein are very complete and can accommodate all your needs in developing websites, both for personal or corporate needs.

From some explanations about features, facilities, hardware, and software, it can be concluded that to build a stable and powerful website using WordPress CMS, hosting is needed to support those needs. The right choice to meet your needs is to choose to host from Hostgator.